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Camo Comes Indoors for Home Décor Touch

Realtree remains No. 1 in the woods, but America’s top camo isn’t limited to hunting anymore. In fact, it’s a lifestyle statement that extends into many homes. Nowadays, it’s common to find camouflage accents or full patterns on various in-home products, including furniture, appliances, bedding and kitchenware. And that has opened a growing market for a relatively new class of Realtree licensees: home décor manufacturers.

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Shotgun Sales Trending Upward

While the meteoric rise in handgun sales has gotten most of the media attention for the past several years, shotgun sales have been healthy as well. Here are sales stats for the past decade as reported by the National Sporting Goods Association in its 2014 edition of The National Sporting Goods Market.

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Hunting Safety Facts and Figures

It’s been a welcome trend to see the number of reported hunting accidents continue on a steady decline. According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and International Hunter Education Association, approximately $415 million in excise tax monies (tax collected on the sale of firearms and ammunition) were apportioned to states for the purpose of hunter education and safety training from 2009-2013.

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Camo Room Décor for Edgy Outdoors Appeal - 1888 Mills

When it comes to incorporating the outdoors into home or office décor, 1888 Mills, LLC has the Realtree camo and outdoor-themed bedding, towels, window and kitchen textiles to complete the look.

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What Other Species do Deer Hunters Hunt?

While deer is the most popular game animal for U.S. hunters, it is helpful to understand what other species hunters are spending time and money pursuing. Here’s a snapshot of other species pursued by deer hunters, as compiled by a Southwick Associates Survey.

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Female Hunter Numbers Growing Fast

It’s no secret that more outdoorswomen are participating in hunting and shooting sports than ever before. But what does that mean? What is more? And are the numbers big enough to justify marketing specifically to the female demographic?

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