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Crossbow Boom Kickstarts Hunting Businesses

There have been few success stories in the hunting industry as compelling as the rise of the modern crossbow and crossbow hunting. Crossbows themselves have been around since 700 BC. However, it has seemingly taken nearly that long for hunters to realize they belong in the bowhunting community.

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The Tax that Hunters are Proud to Pay

Most consumers and employees in the outdoor industry are aware that sportsmen and women are the biggest contributors to conservation via their support of conservation groups and purchases of hunting licenses. And then there’s the “excise tax.” Most people have heard of it, but do you know exactly what it is and how it impacts the health of America’s wildlife populations?

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SKECHERS Camo Footwear in 2016

SKECHERS partnership with Realtree is an easy and natural union as SKECHERS produces a number of stylish footwear options for those who enjoy an active, outdoors lifestyle. By featuring Realtree camo on some of it most popular designs, SKECHERS provides stylish selections for outdoorsmen and women anxious to show off their passion for the hunt.

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A Clear Look at Hunting Optics Purchases

The quality of hunting optics continues to get better, and sportsmen aren’t afraid to open their wallets to put a new scope on a rifle or upgrade their binoculars. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in 2013 (the latest year for which stats are available), the average scope purchase was $274.14 and the average binocular purchase was $303.48.

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Next time you're at the driving range, on the golf course or in a retail store, take a good look at the golf equipment. You'll see something that's happening across many segments of the sporting goods market. The golf industry is embracing the lifestyle trend, where crossover merchandising is the name of today's game. And one company is crossing over with a visible difference.

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Big Market for Hunting Video Products

Realtree has always been at the forefront of producing high-quality hunting videos. This year marks the release of the 23rd edition of the Monster Bucks Series. It’s hard to comprehend how technology has changed since Bill Jordan and Team Realtree introduced the hunting world to their brand of heart-pounding, big-buck action.

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