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A Camo Christmas: Realtree-Adorned Items Boost Holiday Sales

Forget big-screen TVs and Star Wars toys. Holiday shoppers really want high-class gifts decked out in Realtree camo. Ask Kevin Begola, owner of Titanium-Buzz.com and K.B. Titanium Designs Inc., of Linden, Mich., makers of unique, stylish rings and bracelets. His Realtree-branded fashion jewelry has become a bona fide draw for the Christmas buying season.

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Late-Season Camo Clothing Market Driven by Technology, Consumer Demand

Much like swiftly changing late-fall and winter weather, the late-season hunting apparel market is always evolving. Yet everything boils down to one basic request from hunters.

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Athletic Footwear Sales | Realtree Market Watch

The fast growth in sales of running and jogging shoes in the U.S. in the past decade is a trend worth noting. As reported by Statista using data from the National Sporting Goods Association, this market was just under $2 billion in 2004 but topped $3 billion only eight years later, and remained at that level through 2014. There were 45.1 million pairs of running/jogging shoes sold in 2014.

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New Realtree Camo Tools by SPG Bring the Wild to the Workplace

Signature Products Group (SPG) understands that success depends on many factors and it strives to maintain a culture of integrity and personal accountability based on choice and character, where innovation and performance are celebrated and rewarded.

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Multifunctional, Beautiful Realtree Camo Knives in 2016 by Red River Cutlery LLC

Knives produced by Red River Cutlery (RRC) LLC, a Tennessee-based manufacturer and importer of fine quality cutlery, resemble fine pieces of art more than simple knives and outdoor tools. Although they are tough, durable and functional, these knives, hatchets and machetes are also beautiful in design.

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Sporting Goods Purchases | Realtree Market Watch

How big is the sporting goods market? This timeline chart from Statista, based on data from the National Sporting Goods Association, helps put things in perspective. In this case, “sporting goods” means equipment, footwear and clothing.

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