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Blind Bags - A Trusted Brand Among Waterfowlers You Should Know

Rig’Em Right™ Waterfowl has built a strong reputation based on the merits of its products, the strength of the brand and the company’s momentum within the outdoor industry. Since entering the waterfowl industry in 2006 when current president and owner, Matthew Cagle, introduced one of the most revolutionary products ever seen in the waterfowl industry, Rig’Em Right has exploded into every major retailer in the US and into many avid waterfowlers’ duck boats or decoy trailers.

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3 Ways Twitter Can Help Build Your Hunting Business

Let’s be honest: When businesses talk about embracing social media, everyone is almost always referring to Facebook. But did you know that Twitter — Facebook’s ADD sister — has more than 1 billion registered users worldwide? Huge number, isn’t it? Even more interesting, one study indicates that 66 million Americans will have Twitter accounts within the next two years. Wouldn’t it be great if you could embrace a piece of that pie to help build your brand, business or service? The three biggest advantages Twitter can provide your hunting business are:

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SportDOG Brand Capitalizes on Hunters' Passion for Camo

“Designed by folks as ducky as you.” That’s one of the clever taglines that SportDOG Brand uses to advertise its WetlandHunter remote dog training collar. The company’s marketing campaign is meant to appeal to hunters’ passion for waterfowing. And for more than a decade, Realtree patterns and branding on WetlandHunter products have supported that premise.

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Hunting Boots: 5 High-Performance Trend-Setters

Hunting is more than a sport or a weekend activity to most folks … it’s a bona fide lifestyle. Perhaps that’s why the average hunter spends more than $2,000 a year on their favorite outdoors pursuits. Rolled into those expenditures, at least every couple of years for most hunters, are dollars spent on new footwear — specifically boots of all styles.

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Crosman Successful by Pushing Air Rifle Capabilities

Years ago, shooters who wanted a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle had to spend four figures to order one from overseas or have a gun custom-built. Nowadays, they can find high-performance PCP air rifles online, in stores and in retail catalogs for a few hundred dollars. Needless to say, the air rifle market has advanced beyond catering solely to youngsters and esoteric hobbyists. Many modern PCP models are legitimate hunting guns, and retailers and consumers have taken notice.

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How Big is the Shooting Market?

The number of participants in recreational shooting activities has been on the rise for the past several years. While most folks within the hunting and shooting industry know this, what does this really mean in terms of numbers? In other words, how big of a market are we talking about here?

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