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Realtree and Cracker Barrel Forge Natural Partnership

Recently, folks at Realtree and Cracker Barrel realized the companies had a lot in common. Now, that’s turned into a promising partnership.

As of Aug. 15, all 670 Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores are offering Realtree-licensed lifestyle products, including apparel, headwear, footwear, accessories and novelties. The restaurant giant’s family-first approach and motto — “Pleasing people” — mesh perfectly with Realtree’s “Family, friends and the outdoors” philosophy, so the corporations decided to join forces.

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Waterfowl Hunting Market - What Hunters Buy

Duck and goose hunting is a gear-intensive undertaking. Waterfowlers know this, and they clearly aren't hesitant to open their wallets. They spend a whopping $1.2 billion annually on equipment. Take a look at these recent stats that reflect a very healthy and active market.

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Ducks and Geese Harvests by Flyway

Being a waterfowl hunter is a challenge. There are more than 20 waterfowl species in most parts of the U.S. Do you know which ones are targeted most often? Do you have decoys available for all species in your region?

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Simplifying the Complex Duck Hunting Market

Today’s waterfowling apparel market is anything but simple, yet fundamental values still forge industry leaders.

So says Clay White, director of marketing for Drake Waterfowl Systems. Since the company’s inception in 2002, the waterfowling business landscape has undergone many changes,

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Realtree Xtra Colors Makes Debut at Las Vegas MAGIC Show

“Tropical Heat,” “Wild Orchid” and “Surf Blue” aren’t the types of names you would normally associate with camouflage. But these are just a few of the new Xtra Colors program options Realtree introduced at the recent Las Vegas MAGIC Show, the world’s largest fashion marketplace. These and other custom colors are now available to licensing partners who want to offer their fashion-conscious customers products with an outdoor element that stands out.

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New Realtree Camo Jewelry in 2016 By Titanium Buzz

For many, hunting isn’t simply a hobby, it’s a way of life. Hunters often express their outdoors lifestyle through the clothes they wear, the vehicles they drive and the décor they put in their home. Titanium Buzz provides the enthusiastic hunter with an additional way to express his or her passion for the hunt with unique, edgy jewelry boasting Realtree camo and branding.

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