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Southwick Associates’ annual report on buying trends in the world of sportfishing was just released. The Fernandina Beach, Florida, marketing and research firm uses its AnglerSurvey.com consumer panels to identify trends and gather data that can be useful to sales and marketing personnel in the outdoors industry.


To understand the impact of spending on angling, consider this slice of information: Of all U.S. anglers, 84%, or 40 million of them, spend at least one day per year freshwater fishing, and they spend more than $33 billion annually in retail purchases. That number includes a whopping $1.4 billion on rods and reels; $837 million on lures, flies and artificial bait; and $511 million on fishing line and leaders.


Southwick’s look at top 2019 fishing brands is based on survey responses from more than 9,900 recreational anglers who shared their buying habits.


Here are the most popular brands in 14 major gear categories according to survey respondents’ reported purchases in 2019:  


  • Top Fishing Rod Brand: Shakespeare
  • Top Fishing Reel Brand: Daiwa
  • Top Fishing Line Brand: Berkley Trilene
  • Top Hard Bait Brand: Rapala
  • Top Soft Bait Brand: Zoom
  • Top Hook Brand: Eagle Claw
  • Top Swivel Brand: Eagle Claw
  • Top Fishing Hat or Headgear Brand: Under Armour
  • Top Raingear Brand: Frogg Toggs
  • Top Clothing (shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, etc.) Brand: Columbia
  • Top Tackle Box Brand: Plano
  • Top Bait Bucket, Aerator – Marine Metal (Big Bubbles, Cool Bubbles)
  • Top Cast Net – Fitec SuperSpreader
  • Top Scale, grip, measuring device – Berkley
  • Top Trolling Motor – Minn Kota




A variety of key fishing products are examined in the Southwick Associates’ 2019 Fishing Participation and Equipment Purchases Report. This in-depth resource illustrates angler’s participation and shopping behaviors, including the percentage of sales occurring across different retail channels, brand purchased, price paid, and demographics for anglers buying specific products. Additional information tracked includes total days spent per activity, type of fishing, and targeted species.


Top Sportfishing Equipment Brands in 2019


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