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Realtree Xtra© Colors

Realtree, known for popular camouflage patterns and a staple in the Outdoor industry, is branching out with Realtree Xtra Colors based on our popular Xtra pattern. The goal was to blend the pattern of Xtra with our customizable color palette to create lifestyle trends. We know these days’ customers want something that is unique and original to their personalities representing their passions and who they are.

With Realtree Xtra Colors, your imagination is the only limit to the products you can offer your customer. Choose from Realtree’s trend color palette or create your own custom color. It’s simple, choose the color you like and match it to one of our light or dark backgrounds.

Realtree Xtra colors go great everywhere, by the campfire, to the beach, to the game or in town. Realtree Xtra colors are the perfect way to extend your products reach into more hands, across more seasons and add more offerings to your retail partners in this growing outdoor marketplace.

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The Realtree brand walks in step with America’s outdoor heritage. We like firm ground and long-lasting relationships. That’s why our goal with Realtree Xtra Colors is to create lifestyle trends, not fashion fads. Thousands of Realtree products already find great success in this expanding market place. Why not your product?
Selected Color Trend: Brownstone
Below are examples of color trends we have identified as having long-lasting appeal.
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