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With one million unique monthly visitors to, the REALTREE brand is flourishing in the digital realm. We provide top-quality content for our readers and make it available to them across every device. Daily web posts help drive this traffic, keeping viewers coming back for more.

  • One milllion unique monthly visitors

  • 3 Million monthly impressions

  • Effective audience targeting

  • Advertising adaptation capabilities

Realtree knows TV. with more than 20 years of experience, we understand reaching highly targeted demographics.

Bill Jordan

Our Tv Shows

With four Realtree-produced shows generating big Nielsen ratings, alongside 43 sponsorships and 45 million household impressions annually, our reach has never been greater.

"REALTREE OUTDOORS" follows host Bill Jordan and friends on real-life hunting trips across North America, while Jordan provides tips and product information along the way.

Air Channel | Outdoor Channel

As the title implies, “REALTREE MONSTER BUCKS” is all about huge bucks. Hosts Bill Jordan and David Blanton never tire of traveling the country in search of monster-class deer, and you’ll never tire of watching them.

Air Channel | Sportsman Channel

“REALTREE ROAD TRIPS" gives an inside look at what hunters do for the sport they love. Hosts Michael Waddell, Travis "T-Bone" Turner and Nick Mundt provide an energetic, edgy and hilarious twist to this deer hunting show.

Air Channel | Outdoor Channel


REALTREE media sponsorships and website advertising programs increase exposure of your brand by targeting the exact people who want to buy your products.

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