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Fishing Participation and Spending Stronger Than Ever


In connection with the exciting news that Realtree Fishing has been named the exclusive camouflage pattern of Fishing League Worldwide, and the official camouflage of Coastal Conservation Association Florida, this would be a good time to take a refreshed look at the impact and influence of angling on the U.S. economy.


The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, in its recently released summary, 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, reports that 35.8 million anglers 16 years old and older fished in 2016, and each individual spent an average of 13 days fishing.


These anglers spent $46.1 billion on trips, equipment, licenses and other items to support their fishing activities, with an average expenditure per angler of $1,290.


Trip-related spending on food, lodging, transportation and other trip costs totaled $21.7 billion, which is 47% of all angler spending. Another $21.1 billion, or 46%, went toward equipment.


Not surprisingly, fishing in freshwater (not including Great Lakes) was the predominant activity, with 29.5 million participants. Another 1.8 million anglers fished the Great Lakes (a 10% increase from 2011), and 8.3 million fished saltwater.


The survey is conducted every five years. In 2006, the survey revealed there were 30 million angling participants; in 2011, there were 33.1 million. The 2016 number of 35.8 million participants is an 8% increase over 2011.


Anglers Spent in 2017 | Realtree B2B

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