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New Realtree Camo Tools by SPG Bring the Wild to the Workplace


Signature Products Group (SPG) understands that success depends on many factors and it strives to maintain a culture of integrity and personal accountability based on choice and character, where innovation and performance are celebrated and rewarded.   


SPG manufactures and distributes licensed consumer products in multiple product categories. The company builds long-term partnerships with premier brands and is trusted with its partners’ image and most valuable assets. SPG is dedicated to protecting and enhancing its brands while aggressively pursuing new opportunities and growth.


Over the past decade, SPG has grown to more than 100 employees and holds licenses to produce goods in multiple categories. The company now has an extensive distribution network that efficiently serves more than 30,000 retail doors with auto accessories, casual apparel, gifts, eyewear, backpacks and now hand tools.


SPG’s new Realtree tools provide passionate hunters with a way to take their love of the sport to the work site. Hunting is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and outdoorsmen and women want to embrace and show off that lifestyle whether at work or play.


Outfitted in Realtree camo and boasting superior craftsmanship, these Realtree camo tools help ensure precise and accurate work even when the user’s mind is on the hunt.



Realtree slip and joint pile set | Realtree Camo Tool Set


The Realtree® Slip Joint and Groove Joint Plier Set adds a bit of camo flair to your weekday work. This rugged, reliable plier set includes 6" slip joint pliers and 10" groove joint pliers constructed of heavy-duty #45 carbon steel. Both pliers feature comfort-grip coated handles for comfortable use. Highly visible accents and a Realtree camouflage finish give this Slip Joint and Groove Joint plier set an edgy outdoors look.


Realtree Camo beam level | Realtree Camo Tool Set

The Realtree® Box Beam Level ensures your work is precise and accurate – just like it should be. This compact box beam level produces machined straight edges and precision-installed bubbles for reliable leveling necessary for a job well done. The construction-grade, lightweight aluminum body makes this square easy to carry and easier to hold on long work days. The Realtree Box Beam Level's highly visible accents draw the eye, while the Realtree camo shows off your true outdoor colors.


Realtree Camo utility knife set | Realtree Camo Tool Set

The Realtree Utility Knife Set is a shop essential with camo style. Durable steel and an ergonomic grip make this knife a go-to favorite. Display your love for the outdoors at the worksite with this Realtree Utility Knife Set.



Realtree Camo Screwdriver set | Realtree Camo Tool Set


The Realtree® 6-Piece Gunsmith Precision Screwdriver Set leaves no doubt as to how you enjoy spending your free time. This rugged gunsmithing driver set features dependable precision-machined black oxide driver tips that attach quickly, easily and securely to an ergonomic, comfort-styled handle designed to fight hand-fatigue during arduous bench work. Highly visible accents combined with the Realtree camouflage finish create a sharp look that will appeal to any outdoorsman.



Realtree Camo adjustable wrenches | Realtree Camo Tool Set

The Realtree® 3-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set lets everyone know you’d rather be hunting. The 3-Piece Adjustable Wrench Set features durable high-carbon construction, high-visibility accents, polished surfaces, and a Realtree camouflage finish to give your workday just a little more outdoor attitude. The Realtree Adjustable Wrench Set includes 6", 8", and 10" wrenches.



Realtree Camo speed Square | Realtree Camo Tool Set

The Realtree® Framers Square​ keeps your handy work on the level. This framers square delivers big on precision-machined inch gradation markings, straight edges and a true 90-degree to keep rework and embarrassment at a minimum. The lightweight aluminum body makes this square easy to carry and easier to hold on long work days. The Realtree Framers Square's highly visible accents make it easier to find on the job.



Realtree Camo hacksaw | Realtree Camo Tool Set


The Realtree Hacksaw is a vital tool with added camo attitude! With durable steel and an ergonomic handle, this hacksaw is ready to cut copper, steel, aluminum and more. Best of all, it’s outfitted in your favorite camo pattern so you can display your love for the outdoors.




Realtree Camo tap measure | Realtree Camo Tool Set


Show off your camo colors with the Realtree® 25' Tape Measure. This tape boasts a durable nylon coating, inch gradation markings and a magnetic tip for easy single-person use when recording longer measurements. Coated in highly visible accents and a Realtree camouflage finish, this tape measure delivers precise measurements with a little bit of outdoor attitude.


Realtree Camo folding wrenches | Realtree Camo Tool Set

The Realtree® Folding Allen Wrench Set helps you finish the job even when your mind is on the outdoors. This rugged wrench set features a lightweight aluminum body for effortless carry in your tool belt or your pocket. The highly visible accents and Realtree camouflage finish make the Realtree Allen Wrench Set easy to locate, even in low light, while tipping a hat to your outdoor passion.





Realtree Camo Tool Tote Bag | Realtree Camo Tool Set

The Realtree® Zipper Tool Tote is rugged and ready for any job with a durable reinforced base and multiple easy-access tool pockets. This tool bag features the Realtree logo and camo print, high-visibility accents, durable carry handles, and a removable shoulder strap. The Realtree Zipper Tool Tote bag has a large, zip-close top and is tough enough for transporting heavy items for work, hunting, travel, or camping.



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