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Realtree Launches New Xtra Colors MicroSite


Realtree has launched a microsite within its business website to showcase its Xtra Colors program and provide manufacturing licensees with the ability to customize patterns that fit their customers’ lifestyles. The Xtra Colors program made a big splash in August 2015 at the Las Vegas MAGIC Show. Billed as the “world’s largest fashion marketplace,” MAGIC provided the perfect showcase for Realtree to confirm that it could accommodate fashion-conscious customers who want products with an outdoor element that stands out.


There has long been a demand for Realtree patterns in colors other than those hues that work well for hunting. Catering to customers who embrace the outdoor lifestyle and are proud to show off their Realtree allegiance anytime and anywhere is simply smart business.   


On the Xtra Colors microsite you can reference several patterns that will help you look at Realtree camo in a whole new way, including proven favorites such as Snow and Pink. Beyond that, you’ll find the micro-site’s color palette selector. This exciting tool allows customers to experiment with their own colorways and envision how their idea would look on a finished product.


The tool is simple to use: Simply drag the cursor within the palette to find the desired background color, then select the desired darkness of the midground color. There are literally thousands of combinations. When you find the look you’re going for, the tool allows you to save your selection so you can share it with a Realtree licensing account manager and take the next steps toward manufacturing.


Across multiple seasons and activities, Realtree proves its value as a lifestyle brand again and again. The Xtra Colors program emphasizes the company’s dedication to building demand for patterns for outdoor activities other than hunting. The result is that Realtree partners have a new way to gain a bigger share of the outdoor lifestyle market.


Visit the Xtra Colors Microsite and experiment with the color palette tool. Let your imagination run wild with new possibilities for your business!


When you’re ready to take your idea to the next step, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your vision for growing your business with Realtree Xtra Colors.