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5 Tips To Use Smartphone Videos For Social Media Marketing in 2016


The New Year brings resolutions of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to your outdoors business, make sure one of your resolutions is to fully embrace everything social media has to offer. If you do, you will reach new customers in no time.


What’s the hottest trend for 2016 and beyond? That’s easy: Video. It’s all about video these days, and those who “get it” will be the ones leading the charge.


Here’s a glimpse at two of the hottest trends in social media video and some tips on how you can employ them into your approach this year.


The Basics

Nearly every social media platform has a video function, but two are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to immediate interaction:  Vine and Periscope.


Vine is a video-sharing app for smartphones. It allows users to record short videos in separate segments that can be linked for up to six seconds. Once completed, the video loops continuously. You can embed the Vine on your website or upload it directly to your Twitter feed (Twitter owns Vine).


Periscope (also owned by Twitter) is the new kid on the block, so to speak. Unveiled last year, it is a live-streaming video app for smartphones that allows users to “broadcast live” for any number of venues. The main difference here is Periscope can stream for however long you want, and it allows users to join the broadcast at any point. Real-time information is provided that shows who is watching and how many are watching the video feed at any given time. The upside is you can capture huge numbers of viewers. The downside is you must always have compelling content to keep them interested!



1. Build Brand Awareness

Just as a star athlete should never “believe their own press clips,” no business should become so complacent that they forget why they’re in business. Success breeds confidence and that can sometimes lead to a false sense of entitlement.


Solid businesses earn their reputations through hard work; social media platforms are today’s way of extending your brand’s awareness. Don’t assume everyone knows who you are — no matter how big you are. Use every available tool to extend that brand and reach new customers. If you’re not working to extend your brand, someone else will surpass you. Social video platforms like Vine and Periscope can augment your YouTube page and your website’s organic video efforts.


Social videos should be just that  — clever, interesting and/or informational shorts that help reinforce who you are, what you stand for and where you’re located. Mix these awareness messages into a well-thought-out campaign that saturates your brand’s message throughout the year.


2. Generate Excitement

Old-school efforts of blasting out press releases and photos are still applicable in today’s marketing plans, but social video platforms help build excitement over new product releases in a ways never before imagined.


Produce creative shorts about everything from new products for next year; new services; new additions to your team — whatever your audience might find interesting. Don’t force it. If there’s not much to report on, think of ways to generate excitement over your existing products; special offers; or showcase events. Periscope is an excellent tool for delivering exciting news because it’s the only truly live video platform that provides instantaneous access to your audience.


3. Showcase Your Product or Service

What’s new for 2016? How is your product better than your competitor’s? How exactly does your product work? Don’t tell your audience … show them! But before you run out and start editing old video clips into Vines, create a plan and schedule. Maybe that new product is so unique that it needs three short social videos to explain all the features. That’s good. The key to social media is bite-size pieces. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to cram it all into one video. Vines are so short anyway; if you condense too much into the video, it will be so cluttered and fast-paced that viewers won’t engage. Keep it simple and to the point.


4. Solve Immediate Problems

The best social videos are the ones that show quick ways to improve the outdoors experience. That could be as simple as a quick how-to clip on a deer call or opening our eyes to a new camo iPhone case. Videos go viral because someone invariably sees it, stops and says, “Wow, that is way cool!”


Use social videos to capture this cool factor. Be your own worst critic. “Would I share this video?” If you don’t immediately say “yes,” it’s back to the drawing board for a new idea. Again, this doesn’t have to be complicated. The best social videos are shot with smartphones. It’s the message — not the production — that matters. Always be teaching, showing and/or solving someone else’s problems. The better you become at all three, the more engaged your users will become.


5. Connect with Consumers

It’s always about the customer. They’re not only always right, they’re always #1. You have to experiment with every social media platform to find out what resonates best with those individuals who buy your products. Vine videos allow immediate access to anyone who “favorites” one of your posts. There’s your chance. Don’t just sit back and say, “Cool, someone liked my video.” Get in there and interact with them! It’s no different than being that shy guy at the high school dance. If that girl across the dance floor makes eye contact and smiles at you, it’s your chance to walk over there and introduce yourself. The more you interact with your customers or potential customers, the better your odds of making them loyal repeat customers!