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A Camo Christmas: Realtree-Adorned Items Boost Holiday Sales


Forget big-screen TVs and Star Wars toys. Holiday shoppers really want high-class gifts decked out in Realtree camo.


Ask Kevin Begola, owner of Titanium-Buzz.com and K.B. Titanium Designs Inc., of Linden, Mich., makers of unique, stylish rings and bracelets. His Realtree-branded fashion jewelry has become a bona fide draw for the Christmas buying season.


“I think they are attractive because most people who hunt and love the outdoors cannot get away from it,” he said. “They love the culture and lifestyle, and most of the items are something they can relate to. Camo gifts are not really as much of a niche item any more, and people are getting into it more — even those who are not big-time hunters.”


Begola said Titanium-Buzz doesn’t produce any holiday-inspired camo-clad jewelry but just released some new Realtree-adorned pieces that will appeal to consumers seeking presents for friends and family members.


“We just timed it to release some of it for the holiday shopping season because the pieces make great gifts,” he said. “They are very affordable now, and we have targeted more ladies who love to wear Realtree-branded items.”


The company typically increases its holiday promotional efforts for camo jewelry and other products at the start of Black Friday, through cyber-Monday and into the main shopping rush. Begola said Titanium-Buzz has increased its use of social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as advertising and marketing tools.

“Since everyone is so connected and shopping on mobile devices, we wanted to bring some of these items right in front of them,” he said.


“We like to be part of the Realtree catalog and use some of the lifestyle photos to promote on Facebook and other social sites to showcase what they look like on people.”


And not just in rural areas or other traditional strongholds of the outdoors lifestyle. Begola said the company has taken its message to consumers — holiday and year-round — in major metropolitan areas, with great success.


“Yes, this was a big wow moment for us,” he said. “When we started selling camo rings in San Francisco and New York, we realized there are not as many limitations to it. We try to appeal to everyone through designs that are not only unique and cool looking but (also) comfortable and stylish. We design them to be everyday items with a twist and do not overdo it with design sometimes.”

That recognition of consumer demand is tied directly to the origins of Begola’s camo creations. His inspiration occurred while watching a television show in which couples were holding country- or redneck-style weddings.


“I had been doing wedding rings for a few years and thought that it would be a perfect fit to make rings for hunters and outdoor couples,” he said. “I did some research and realized there were not a ton of options. That’s when I started to prototype camo rings and other hunting-inspired rings. That trend started years ago, and I helped to really grow the market.”

Partnering with Realtree, which has long promoted the outdoors lifestyle, helped push demand and Begola’s business to new heights.


Realtree Camo Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas - Pink Logo RingRealtree Camo Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas - Black Logo Ring


“The big increase took a few years, but it really started to take off with Realtree pushing the lifestyle items,” he said. “People who hunt want to look and feel good outside of the woods as well, and that is what we try to do.


“Our partnership with Realtree as a licensed vendor brings a lot of positive attention to our business. We strive to create unique and stylish pieces, and the Realtree brand is really encouraging that. We sell the best of the best, and there is a lot of junk out there when it comes to ripoffs. That’s why we stuck around with Realtree. They are the brand that everyone is going after, and the lifestyle component is huge right now for them. They do a great job of focusing on the culture of hunters and what they like in and out of the woods. Over the years, the Realtree logos have helped customers realize they have found the right place that delivers the best products, and that we must be a legit company to do things with a larger camo company.”


Editor’s Note: The Realtree Lifestyle Brand was created so your customers can proudly show their affinity for the world’s No. 1 camo on a daily basis. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, let’s talk!