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Understanding the American Firearms Buyer

Gun Sales Up! Gun Sales at All-Time High! You’ve read dozens, perhaps hundreds of headlines like that over the past few years. Indeed, gun enthusiasts have been on an unprecedented spending spree. Some estimates place the number of guns owned by Americans at more than 300 million.


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Hunting License Numbers Increased in 2016

Reports of hunting’s death, it appears, have been greatly exaggerated. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Hunting License Report, which uses data reported by state wildlife agencies, the number of paid hunting license holders in the United States was almost 15.41 million in 2014. That was a jump of 571,152, or about 3.85 percent from 2013 and the highest total since 1993. It also marked the second consecutive year paid license holders increased.

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Demand for Reusable Beverage Containers Growing Fast

Reusable water bottles are often the go-to solution for thirsty people on the move. Whether it’s coffee during the morning commute, tea for an afternoon break or staying hydrated with water on the trails, when we need to keep our favorite drinks at the ready these containers are a popular choice. And demand is growing.

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The Top Sporting Goods Stores 2016

Sporting goods are big business in the U.S. Statista reported that in 2014 over 63 billion dollars were spent on sporting goods. In 2015, the industry had a total estimated value of nearly 65 billion dollars, and sales are anticipated to keep growing in 2016.


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Understanding the Sporting Goods Shopper’s Purchase Journey

Despite the rise of online retailing, brick-and-mortar sporting goods stores still fill a welcome, important and needed role for the sporting goods shopper. That’s only one of many insights gleaned from “Shopper Playbook: Insights into the Sporting Goods Shopper,” an extensive study recently published by the National Association of Sporting Goods Retailers.

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How to Reach the Millennial Generation of Hunters

If you’ve ever wondered about the best marketing strategies to reach millennial hunters, you’re not alone. The millennial generation communicates and consumes media far differently than their predecessors. To further complicate matters, their participation in hunting is not consistent. The challenge is to attract millennials to hunting and then keep their attention so they become lifelong participants.

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