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What Other Species do Deer Hunters Hunt?

While deer is the most popular game animal for U.S. hunters, it is helpful to understand what other species hunters are spending time and money pursuing. Here’s a snapshot of other species pursued by deer hunters, as compiled by a Southwick Associates Survey.

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Female Hunter Numbers Growing Fast

It’s no secret that more outdoorswomen are participating in hunting and shooting sports than ever before. But what does that mean? What is more? And are the numbers big enough to justify marketing specifically to the female demographic?

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Waterfowl Hunting Market - What Hunters Buy

Duck and goose hunting is a gear-intensive undertaking. Waterfowlers know this, and they clearly aren't hesitant to open their wallets. They spend a whopping $1.2 billion annually on equipment. Take a look at these recent stats that reflect a very healthy and active market.

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Ducks and Geese Harvests by Flyway

Being a waterfowl hunter is a challenge. There are more than 20 waterfowl species in most parts of the U.S. Do you know which ones are targeted most often? Do you have decoys available for all species in your region?

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Bowhunting Market Perspective Infographic 2015

If you’re in the outdoor industry, you know there are lots of good reasons to focus on the bowhunting market. But what does that mean, focus? To come up with a winning strategy, you need to ask yourself: Who am I trying to sell to? What products are they most interested in buying, and how often? How much are they spending?

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Whether you’re a waterfowl hunter, a business owner who supports waterfowl hunting, or simply a waterfowl watcher, if you haven’t attended the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland, I highly suggest adding it to your 2015 calendar.

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