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Women and Firearms: Perceptions and Assumptions

In previous blog posts about women’s influence on the firearms industry, I’ve identified details about this fast-growing demographic and their purchasing habits. Now, finally, let’s take a look at women’s perceptions about the guns themselves, as well as assumptions (many of which are incorrect) made by firearms manufacturers and retailers.

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Women and Firearms: Studying Purchasing Behavior

My previous blog post in this series on women’s influence on the firearms industry provided details about this demographic. Now, in this third installment revealing information from the study, Women Gun Owners: Purchasing, Perceptions and Participation, commissioned by the NSSF and released to the membership in January, 2015, I will break down the information on women’s firearms purchasing behavior.

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Who are the Women Gun Buyers?

In my blog post introducing this series, I asked the question that anyone in this business should be asking: How does the fast-growing segment of women gun buyers impact the firearms industry? The study, Women Gun Owners: Purchasing, Perceptions and Participation, commissioned by the NSSF and released to the membership in January 2015, takes a closer look. In this post, I’ll provide a snapshot of the study’s participants.

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The Impact of Women on the Firearms Industry

If your business is even remotely tied to firearms, you already know that women make up one of the fastest growing segments, if not THE fastest-growing segment, of new gun owners in the U.S. Women and guns – it’s not just a headline, it’s a real phenomenon. What is the impact on your business?

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Where to Find the Hunters, State by State

It’s always interesting to analyze the number of hunters in each state. If you’re trying to target a particular state or region with your marketing message, knowing where to get the most bang for your buck is just plain smart.

Hunter numbers by state aren’t difficult to find. Stats can be based on a variety of reporting methods

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Strong Growth in Female Hunting and Shooting Numbers

Understanding trends in hunting participation is the lifeblood of a successful outdoor business. You have to know who you’re talking to in order to develop effective marketing messages. One emerging trend that is no secret is the rise of female participation in the hunting and shooting sports. But saying there are “more” females in the ranks of outdoors enthusiasts just doesn’t cut it. What does “more” mean? Who’s counting? How are these numbers quantified?

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