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Why Outdoor Retail Must Embrace Technology

It's no secret that consumers rely on technology for product research, reviews and price comparisons before purchasing. But even with the rise of online shopping, there's still room for retail and the first-hand experiences that only a brick-and-mortar store can deliver.

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Media Consumption Among Anglers 2016

With a few clicks on the TV remote or computer mouse, sportsmen and women can find a seemingly inexhaustible supply of information available about their outdoor pursuits. In this ever-changing media landscape, it’s important to keep an eye on where and how your customers prefer to receive their information. In an earlier post, we summarized some conclusions about the media consumption habits of hunters and shooters. Now we’ll take a look at similar data for anglers.

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A Snapshot of America’s Waterfowl Species and Hunters

In recent blog posts we’ve presented a snapshot look at both big-game and small-game hunter participation in an effort to offer perspective on market sizes. Here we’ll take a look at migratory bird hunter numbers.

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A Snapshot of America’s Most Popular Small Game Species and Hunters

As we’ve explained numerous times here at the Realtree Business Blog, it can be difficult to get detailed information about the specific species that hunters pursue. Individual states provide that information in some instances, but frequently license types are listed simply as “big game” or “small game” or “gamebird.”

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Facebook Continues Dominance as No. 1 Social Media Site

The prominence and global reach of Facebook make it one of the most attractive (if not mandatory) sites for businesses to conduct their social media efforts. Statista reported that a survey of U.S. Internet users who were using selected social media sites (as of April 2015), 72% used Facebook – by far the site with the highest use – while 23% accessed Twitter.

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A Closer Look at Deer and Big Game Hunter Numbers

Numerous times here at the Realtree Business Blog we’ve examined the size of the hunting market and studied notable trends. Much of that information is based on license sales, which obviously is an indicator of how many hunters take to the woods and fields each fall.

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