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Hunter Mobility Across State Lines is a Growing Trend

Over the past 30 years, the number of non-resident hunting licenses, tags, permits and stamps as a percentage of total purchases increased from 5.8% of total purchases in 1983 to 8.8% in 2013. This trend indicates a greater mobility of hunters across state lines.

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Top 2015 Fishing Brands

Southwick Associates recently reported the most frequently purchased hunting and shooting brands in 2015, which we shared here in an earlier post. Now the market research and economics firm has followed up with the top 2015 fishing brands. This list has been compiled from the internet-based surveys completed in 2015 by AnglerSurvey.com panelists.

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Women Impacting Shooting and Hunting Industry

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, the NRA Blog featured 12 women who are “shaping the shooting world.” Even the most casual observer of the shooting and hunting industry will recognize some of the names and faces of these influential ladies. You can read the post here.


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All About the National Wildlife Refuge System

In celebration of the National Wildlife Refuge System’s 113th birthday on March 14, 2016, we put together this infographic to explain the size and scope of this remarkable network of public lands devoted to wildlife conservation.

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Top 2015 Hunting and Shooting Brands

Southwick Associates, a market research and economics firm specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing, and outdoor recreation markets, recently announced its HunterSurvey.com and ShooterSurvey.com results for the most frequently purchased hunting and shooting product brands in 2015.

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Hunter Numbers Steady While U.S. Population Grows

This past November, I reported on the number of hunting licenses sold by state and what percentage of each state’s residents purchased licenses. Texas is the leader in license sales with just over 1 million licenses sold each year, and Pennsylvania isn’t far behind at approximately 950,000 licenses sold annually.

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