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Top 2015 Hunting and Shooting Brands


Southwick Associates, a market research and economics firm specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing, and outdoor recreation markets, recently announced its HunterSurvey.com and ShooterSurvey.com results for the most frequently purchased hunting and shooting product brands in 2015.


According to the Southwick website, the company “has developed a proprietary method of using this information to weight online responses to our surveys to reflect the entire population of sportsmen and women across the nation.” So, while the number of participants isn’t published, Southwick claims to have extrapolated the responses to the internet-based surveys to reflect the behavior of hunters and shooters across the U.S.


According to the surveys, the most frequently purchased brands in 2015 included:


Top rifle ammunition brand:  Federal

Top handgun ammunition brand: Winchester

Top scopes: Leupold

Top binoculars brand: Bushnell

Top game feeder brand: Moultrie

Top trail camera brand: Moultrie

Top tree stand brand: Big Game

Top muzzleloader: CVA

Top crossbow: Barnett

Top shotgun ammunition brand: Winchester

Top blackpowder brand: Pyrodex

Top arrow brand: Easton

Top broadhead brand: Muzzy

Top bow case brand: Plano

Top archery sight brand: Truglo

Top game call brand: Primos

Top reloading bullet brand: Hornady

Top reloading primer brand: CCI

Top reloading powder brand: Hodgdon

Top GPS device brand: Garmin

Top knife brand: Buck

Top holster/ammo belt brand: Blackhawk

Top choke tube brand: Carlson


Editor’s Note: Information for many other product categories is available from Southwick Associates. Find out more at southwickassociates.com.