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A Snapshot of America’s Most Popular Small Game Species and Hunters


As we’ve explained numerous times here at the Realtree Business Blog, it can be difficult to get detailed information about the specific species that hunters pursue. Individual states provide that information in some instances, but frequently license types are listed simply as “big game” or “small game” or “gamebird.”


We recently addressed the big game category with an overview of hunter participation for deer along with some of other most popular species.


Now let’s look at some small-game hunting statistics. Would you have guessed that American hunters spent more than 51 million days afield in search of small game last year!? Big game may get a lot of attention, but expenditures and participation in small-game hunting have a huge impact on the hunting and shooting industry as well. Below is a snapshot of related data as presented in the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2017 report: America’s Hunters – A Detailed Look at Demographics and Expenditures. 


Small Game Hunter 2017 | Realtree B2B

Editor’s Note: Check back here over the coming days and weeks to get additional perspective on small game and waterfowl hunting participation, as well as marketing tips to keep your products noticed and relevant during the upcoming hunting seasons.