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What Hunters Spend to Gear Up for the Season

Hunters don’t hesitate to open their wallets when it comes to gearing up for their sport. In recent blogs we’ve looked at the huge economic impact resulting from spending on hunting. Now, let’s take a detailed look at how much sportsmen and women lay out for gear plus other costs of pursuing their favorite game.

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Hunters Pay Their Way Via License Fees and Excise Taxes

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 100 times: Sportsmen and women contribute more to wildlife and habitat conservation than any other group. One glance at the numbers proves it. But what does this really mean in the big picture? Let’s take a look inside those numbers, courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2017 Industry Intelligence Report, “A Profile of Today’s Hunter.”

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Predicting Trends in Womens’ Firearms Purchases

In past blogs, I’ve frequently focused on some head-turning results from a Southwick Associates research on firearms buyers, conducted in partnership with the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Most of these studies centered on hunting participation habits and recreational shooting activities.

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Bowhunters Exhibit High Participation in Other Sports

Understanding the many sports interests of your core customers provides opportunities to cross-promote products and services. If you’re already selling fall hunting products, for example, why not also find ways to keep interacting with those same customers for the rest of the year?

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Media Consumption Among Hunters and Shooters

Websites and magazines are the preferred sources of information for hunter and shooters. That probably does not come as remarkable news to anyone with even a casual interest in the outdoor industry. What is interesting to note, however, is how interest in various forms of media changes throughout the year, as well as how other forms of media figure into the competition for consumers’ time.

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Understanding Cross-Participation by Firearms Hunters

If you are a manufacturer or retailer whose business focuses on selling to hunters, it may be valuable to know what your core customers’ other interests are. Understanding “cross-participation” in outdoor pursuits is the first step to successful “cross-promotion.”

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