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Women Are Fasting Growing Demographic in Fly Fishing

For too many years, fly fishing has been dominated by male anglers. It still is, but that is changing. More women are discovering the zen-like peace of unfurling a back cast, and the numbers of female fly anglers are rising.

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How Wildlife Watching Impacts the Economy

While the economic impact of spending by hunters and anglers on the U.S. economy is substantial and a topic that we frequently cover here at the Realtree Business Blog, it’s worthwhile to look at the huge effect of wildlife-related recreation in general. After all, people who participate in activities such as viewing, photographing and feeding wild animals and birds invest in travel, equipment and clothing in their non-consumptive pursuits.

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Sporting Goods Purchases: In-Store is Still Preferred Over Online

In a previous blog post, we began breaking down the results of an extensive study recently published by the National Association of Sporting Goods Retailers: “Shopper Playbook: Insights into the Sporting Goods Shopper.” Let’s continue analyzing a key portion of the study, which is the connection between buying decisions made at physical stores vs. online. Shopping in physical stores is still a favorite part of the purchase journey, even when shoppers included online visits as part of their buying research, according to the study.

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Top 10 Hunting States Impacting the U.S. Economy

We’ve frequently reported on the impact of hunting on the U.S. economy, most recently here and here at the Realtree Business Blog. To summarize, hunting and related activities make a staggering $86.9 billion positive contribution annually.

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Pondering U.S. Waterfowl Hunting Numbers

Waterfowl hunting numbers today are a paradox. While the duck population was estimated at an extremely healthy 49.1 million birds in 2016, the number of duck hunters has plummeted during the past several decades.

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Fishing Participation and Spending Stronger Than Ever

In connection with the exciting news that Realtree Fishing has been named the exclusive camouflage pattern of Fishing League Worldwide, and the official camouflage of Coastal Conservation Association Florida, this would be a good time to take a refreshed look at the impact and influence of angling on the U.S. economy.

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