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Top 10 Hunting States Impacting the U.S. Economy


We’ve frequently reported on the impact of hunting on the U.S. economy, most recently here and here at the Realtree Business Blog. To summarize, hunting and related activities make a staggering $86.9 billion positive contribution annually.


 “Hunting in America – An Economic Force for Conservation,” a report funded by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and produced in partnership with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, relies on 2011 data. Nevertheless, it provides much insight into the many factors that figure into the data, and it is worth reviewing in anticipation of the next study.


Below are the top 10 states the report lists as the leading economic contributors, showing retail sales and the total multiplier effect, which is defined as “the total amount of spending that occurs in the economy as a result of hunters’ spending.”




Retail Sales

Total Multiplier Effect










New York

























Also factoring into the total multiplier effect are:


Salaries and Wages - Total amounts paid to employees and small business owners in companies that serve hunters or support businesses who directly server hunters.


Jobs - Positions supported in businesses directly and indirectly serving hunters.


Tax Revenues - Government receipts received from businesses that directly and indirectly serve hunters.


Editor’s Note: We look forward to sharing and updating trending economic data, along with news from our more than 2,000 licensing partners, as it becomes available. Check back here often!