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Top Camouflage Products Purchased


What is it about camouflage that makes a hunter’s heart race? Most would agree it’s the link between camouflage and the hunt. However, camo has become so much more than that. It’s a statement that says, “I enjoy and appreciate the outdoor lifestyle.” It creates a bond among those who wear it.

You can find camouflage on just about all products today, from baseball caps to entire vehicles, and everything in between. Cell-phone cases, knives, boots, dog collars … it would probably be easier to list the products that are NOT offered in camo than those that are!Realtree Camo Hunting Clothing

In a study conducted by Southwick Associates on behalf of Realtree Outdoors, we determined which camouflage apparel/products are purchased most frequently by hunters, thus helping retailers make decisions on what items to carry.

Leading the list are jackets (14%) as the most purchased item by participants who recall purchasing a piece of camouflage apparel or accessory. Shirts (13%), and pants (9%) follow next. Other items include hats (9%), gloves (7%), footwear (5%), backpack (5%), raingear including waders (4%), vests (3%), and optics and undergarments with 2% and 1%, respectively.

Other interesting facts about camouflage purchases include: Compared to men, women are more likely to purchase camouflage clothing apparel (shirts, pants and footwear) while men are more inclined to buy accessories such as backpacks and optics compared to women.

Of the participants who recall their last camouflage purchase, 23% had no specific style or species in mind during the purchase.Realtree Camo Lifestyle Clothing

Retailers should take note of the fact that camo clothing and products are as likely to be purchased for their functionality as their style. As camo continues to be integrated into all aspects of the outdoor lifestyle, keeping Realtree-licensed products prominently displayed in as many departments as possible is just good business.  

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