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A Snapshot of America’s Waterfowl Species and Hunters


In recent blog posts we’ve presented a snapshot look at both big-game and small-game hunter participation in an effort to offer perspective on market sizes. Here we’ll take a look at migratory bird hunter numbers.


While waterfowl hunter numbers, estimated at 2.5 million, seem at a glance to pale in comparison to small game (4.5 million) and big game (11.5 million) participation numbers, they offer a huge opportunity from a business standpoint. The reason is simple: Waterfowlers spend a lot of money. They have to. Beyond the obvious need for shotguns and ammo, there are trucks, boats, dogs, decoys, blinds, waders, camo clothing … chasing ducks and geese requires specialized equipment and a willingness to be versatile enough to go where the birds are, be it big water, rivers, creeks, ponds or fields.


Dove hunting is included here, as is an “other” category that covers species such as woodcock. Stats are courtesy of the NSSF Report, America’s Hunters – A Detailed Look at Demographics and Expenditures 2013 Edition.  


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