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Realtree to Make Big Impression at MAGIC Marketplace 2016 Winter Event

Continuing its commitment to expand its footprint in the active outdoor lifestyle category, Realtree is set to make a big impression at the MAGIC fashion show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Feb. 16-18. The February show, also known as the MAGIC Marketplace, is the premier wintertime fashion event in the world.

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Realtree Holiday...Camo Looks Great Under the Christmas Tree

Hunters love Christmas because they often find new calls, boots, bows and other gear under the tree. Of course, little reminders about their love of the outdoors lifestyle make the holidays even more special. It’s not surprising that manufacturers expect the outdoor-themed holiday business trend to continue or grow in future years.

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A Camo Christmas: Realtree-Adorned Items Boost Holiday Sales

Forget big-screen TVs and Star Wars toys. Holiday shoppers really want high-class gifts decked out in Realtree camo. Ask Kevin Begola, owner of Titanium-Buzz.com and K.B. Titanium Designs Inc., of Linden, Mich., makers of unique, stylish rings and bracelets. His Realtree-branded fashion jewelry has become a bona fide draw for the Christmas buying season.

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Hunting Boots: 5 High-Performance Trend-Setters

Hunting is more than a sport or a weekend activity to most folks … it’s a bona fide lifestyle. Perhaps that’s why the average hunter spends more than $2,000 a year on their favorite outdoors pursuits. Rolled into those expenditures, at least every couple of years for most hunters, are dollars spent on new footwear — specifically boots of all styles.

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Next time you're at the driving range, on the golf course or in a retail store, take a good look at the golf equipment. You'll see something that's happening across many segments of the sporting goods market. The golf industry is embracing the lifestyle trend, where crossover merchandising is the name of today's game. And one company is crossing over with a visible difference.

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Camo Comes Indoors for Home Décor Touch

Realtree remains No. 1 in the woods, but America’s top camo isn’t limited to hunting anymore. In fact, it’s a lifestyle statement that extends into many homes. Nowadays, it’s common to find camouflage accents or full patterns on various in-home products, including furniture, appliances, bedding and kitchenware. And that has opened a growing market for a relatively new class of Realtree licensees: home décor manufacturers.

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