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Economic Impact of Migratory and Upland Bird Hunting

To help put the huge influence of hunter spending in perspective, we recently looked at the overall impact on the U.S. economy, and then followed up with a deer-hunting summary. For our final installment on this topic, let’s take a closer look at the often-unreported impact that migratory and upland bird hunters make on the economy.


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Rising Demand for Trail Cameras Continues

Trail cameras are no longer just the domain of hunters. Their reach has broadened, including growing use in private and public wildlife monitoring and management as well as surveillance for business, commercial buildings, farms and home security.

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Who is Today’s Rifle Hunter?

If there’s one almost-universal commonality that ties hunters together, it’s the fact that most of them participate in some form of rifle hunting. About 18 million U.S. hunters take to the woods each season with rifle in hand. There is little doubt that the pursuit of America’s No. 1 big-game animal, the whitetail deer, is what drives this number.

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Deer are No. 1 Driver of Hunter Spending

In the recently released report, the 2018 edition of Hunting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation*, referenced in our first post on this topic, the scope of deer hunting’s popularity is neatly summarized. You might be amazed at the numbers presented, even if you are part of the industry that provides goods or services to deer hunters, or if you’re a deer hunter yourself. A few items of interest to help you put things in perspective:

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Impact of Hunting on the U.S. Economy

If you had to pick one thing, and only one thing, that all hunters have in common, what would it be? Because the hunting community comprises participants of all ages and from many different social backgrounds, and because their motivations to hunt can vary widely, this might seem like an impossible challenge. But don’t overthink it. Because the answer is very simple: They all spend money!

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Top Sporting Goods Retailers for 2017

In January 2017, we reported that Walmart led the field of U.S. sporting goods retailers in 2015. The giant had revenues from sporting goods sales alone of nearly $10 billion. While Dick's Sporting Goods and Academy Sports + Outdoors enjoyed second and third place in total sporting goods sales.

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