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Rising Demand for Trail Cameras Continues


Trail cameras are no longer just the domain of hunters. Their reach has broadened, including growing use in private and public wildlife monitoring and management as well as surveillance for business, commercial buildings, farms and home security.


The trail camera market has enjoyed a recent bullish run and is expected to grow during the forecast period of 2018-2028.


According to Fact.MR’s Trail Camera Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2017 to 2028, the market saw steady sales growth in 2018 of 18,000 units higher than 2017. And it’s projected to see 3.5% CAGR by volume through 2018-2028, with highest sales coming from the United States.


Big-picture Takeaways from Fact.MR:


  • The demand for wireless trail camera is projected to grow at 3.5% CAGR by volume from 2018-2028
  • Wi-Fi cameras are expected to account for a higher market share of the overall trail camera market
  • Cellular wireless trail camera products are projected to be a big contributor to market growth, with volume sales expected at 1.5x higher than Wi-Fi trail cameras by the end of 2028.
  • Trail cameras with trigger speeds of 0.25 – 0.75 seconds are expected to see rising sales
  • The demand for low-glow flash trail cameras is also projected to increase at a higher rate



We took a look at Amazon.com’s best-selling trail and game camera brands for November 2018. Here’s a list of the Top 10 brands by sales, with average price by brand.


Best Selling Trail & Game Camera Brands on Amazon.com (November 2018)


  • TOGUARD: average - $69.36
  • Campark: average - $53.48
  • APEMAN: average - $70.52
  • Victure: average - $61.82
  • Meidase: average - $59.97
  • Foxelli: average - $79.97
  • Stealth: average - $120.24
  • Browning: average - $176.75
  • Spypoint: average - $218.50
  • Wildgame Innovations: average - $88.13



Campark was the best-selling brand overall, while Victure enjoyed the most highest sales volume.The most common price point between top-selling brands was from $69 to $89.