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In August 2019, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released its report detailing national migratory game bird hunter activity and harvest during 2017-18 hunting seasons.

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Knife Buying Trends in 2019

Hunters, campers, anglers, shooters, hikers … What is the one universal tool that they would agree is indispensable? The answer should be obvious: a knife.

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Top 2018 Holiday Gift Categories and Brands

When it comes to holiday gift giving, new clothes are a top choice for shoppers to gift. As reported by eMarketer.com, total holiday apparel sales in the United States for 2018 increased 7.9 percent from the previous year. And retail sales overall enjoyed a 5.1 percent jump, accounting for over $850 billion in sales.


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Fitness Industry is No. 1 in Growth in 2018

If statistics can tell a story, then here’s a tale you’ll enjoy if you’re in the fitness products market: The fitness segment of U.S. sports and activities shows more growth than any other.

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A Closer Look at 2019 Outdoor Sports Participation Trends

This is the first of several reports following up on a detailed look at sporting recreation in the U.S. as researched by the National Sporting Goods Association. As explained in our last blog on this topic, the NSGA is striving to find out not only how many participants are taking part in various activities, but also the depth of their participation.

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Digging Deep into 2019 Outdoor Recreation Participation Stats

We frequently share a lot of outdoor recreation participation data with you here at the Realtree Business Blog. Studying participation numbers and trends helps all of us in the industry to understand who and where our marketing efforts should be targeting.


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