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Lessons From Negative Customer Feedback

There’s nothing better than hearing from customers who love your product, right? Whether you’re in manufacturing or retail, I think you’ll agree that the happy customers who put down good money for your product or service are the people who validate your company’s existence.

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5 Ways to improve your outdoor social media reach

They say there’s no such thing as “bad publicity.” Aha, but PR can only take you so far — whether it’s entertainment, politics or business — because if you don’t offer something of value, you will soon be forgotten.

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3 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Outdoor Social Media

The first four installments of this series dealt with tools and tactics that will help you work more efficiently when dealing with one or more social media platforms. And if you’ve read this far, I can only assume you have a lot of yourself invested in your platforms. A word of caution: Although you’re spending a lot of time crafting your message and making sure it reaches a lot of (and the right) people, don’t become so caught up in it that you become Narcissus and fall in love with your own image. Because, at the end of the day, a social media page can’t — much less won’t — love you back.

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Using Dedicated Social Posts to Build Outdoors Brand Awareness

No matter how hard we try, even the best-oiled machine won't run automatically. Optimum production requires maintenance, monitoring and regular monitoring. Such is true for any social media campaign, especially one that relies on a dedicated post or posts.

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How to Schedule Outdoor Media Posts: Why, When and How

Now more than ever, managing a business’s social media presence can be a full-time job. Lots of companies use their social profiles to offer special deals to fans, provide customer support and give people a reason to come back and spend more money.

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Unified Commerce is a Top Priority for Retailers

Keeping customers content is a constant challenge faced by all retailers. To varying degrees, businesses establish and practice protocols that help distinguish them from the competition and help strengthen their brand. These efforts may include everything from requiring employees to don standardized uniforms to memorizing a script when greeting a customer in-person or on the telephone. And then there is the tone. Some retailers are conservative while others are more boisterous.

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