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5 Ways to Promote New Hunting and Shooting Activities

n a previous blog post - Hunting and Shooting Participation - 5 Important Questions for You and Your Business, we noted the trend of lower hunter participation and the fact that the percentage of people who sport shoot but don’t hunt is now greater than those who hunt but don’t sport-shoot. We also noted that it’s important to keep paying attention to these and related trends and ask yourself how you can adjust your business accordingly to address them.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling on Amazon

The world of online retail is dominated by Amazon.com. The ecommerce giant had nearly $178 billion (USD) net sales in 2017, according to Statista, a jump of some $42 billion from 2016 net sales. Sales of outdoor and sporting goods items alone in 2016 totaled $5.5 billion (USD). If your business isn't part of the Amazon.com marketplace, you might want to consider these 10 reasons why you should be selling your products on Amazon.

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Advantages of Licensing in the Outdoor Market

As you already know, growing distribution so you can gain market share is an expensive proposition in terms of dollars, time and resources. In an outdoor market crowded with multiple brands in virtually every popular product category, how do you find success? What is that magic formula that gets your products onto store shelves?

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5 Ways to Reach More Women Hunters

The influx of more women into hunting’s ranks has created both a positive and puzzling effect among many in the hunting industry over the past three decades. The positives are obvious: an expanding customer base that brings a unique need-set to businesses. The puzzling part of it has to do with learning marketing techniques that seem brand new. They’re not, and that’s what businesses needed to realize. If you want to broaden your approach to the women’s hunting community, deploy these five tactics in 2018:

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Facebook is not going away. Brands and businesses have yet to find an easier, cheaper (it’s free!) and more effective way of reaching tens of thousands of followers and customers. Unfortunately, some people in the outdoors industry will never understand how to use social media to bridge the gap between a business and a community. With these points in mind, add the following five STOP phrases to your list of New Year’s resolutions when it comes to managing your brand’s Facebook page.

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Colosseum and Realtree Union Equals Great Outdoor Apparel

Talk about irony. A partnership with origins in team sports has given one of America’s leading apparel companies tremendous freedom to grow its business.

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