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Realtree Fishing Gears Up for Orlando ICAST Trade Show

If you want to expand your footprint in the outdoors industry, a valuable next step would be to visit Booth 1626 at the upcoming ICAST trade show in Orlando, Florida, where Realtree will be expanding upon its recent and fast-growing success with its Realtree Fishing brand.

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Top Hunting and Shooting Brands in 2017

American hunters spend nearly $13 billion annually on hunting equipment and related auxiliary gear. They spend their hunting dollars on guns and rifles, ammo, telescopic sights, bows and arrows, decoys, shooting targets and other related equipment.

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Is 2018 the end for Brick-and-Mortar Retail?

Several big-box retailers are closing their doors this year, leaving a swath of empty real estate and jobs behind. As of April 2018, over 70 million square feet of retail space is scheduled to close this year, according to CNBC.


Some of the most notable closures include:


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Keys to Increasing Turkey Hunting Participation


For turkey hunters, the good ol’ days are right now. With an estimated 7 million wild turkeys inhabiting the U.S., there is no lack of opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts who want to take up this grand sport. Yet, within the universe of all hunters and shooters, only a tiny fraction of them participate in turkey hunting. What are some keys to getting more sportsmen and women involved?


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Keys to Increasing Deer Hunting Participation

Hunters harvest nearly 6 million white-tailed deer annually in the U.S. A surprising number of Americans who participate in shooting sports or hunt other types of game have never tried deer hunting. There are certainly plenty of opportunities to welcome new deer hunters to the sport. What does it take to convince someone to give it a try?

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10 Reasons Not To Sell Your Products on Amazon

Recently we looked at 10 reasons why you should be selling on Amazon. After all, it's the world's largest ecommerce retail site with millions of active shoppers using the site daily for product research and purchases. But there are also pitfalls to consider when selling on Amazon. Here are 10 reasons not to sell on Amazon.

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