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Top Hunting and Shooting Brands in 2017


American hunters spend nearly $13 billion annually on hunting equipment and related auxiliary gear. They spend their hunting dollars on guns and rifles, ammo, telescopic sights, bows and arrows, decoys, shooting targets and other related equipment.


Hunters love their outdoor gear and many are brand loyal for life. Others look forward to trying the newest equipment, always seeking better performance and results.


In 2017, Southwick & Associates surveyed over 20,000 hunters and recreational shooters in its online HunterSurvey and ShooterSurvey consumer panels. From the data, the firm identified the top hunting brands in over 100 product categories.


A small slice of those results can be seen below, as Southwick & Associates shared a list of top-selling hunting and shooting brands across the following 21 categories.


·Top rifle ammunition brand: American Eagle

·Top reflex/red dot sight brand: Vortex

·Top brand of scope mount: Leupold

·Top propellant/powder brand: Pyrodex

·Top bow brand: Bear

·Top arrow brand: Easton

·Top brand of nocks: Nockturnal

·Top archery target brand: Hurricane

·Top archery sight brand: Tru Glo

·Top reloading press brand: Lee Precision

·Top reloading brass shell case brand: Starline

·Top reloading shot brand: Eagle

·Top coverall brand: Bass Pro/Redhead

·Top backpack/waist/duffle brand: Badlands

·Top decoy brand: Zink/Avian-X

·Top food plot brand: Mossy Oak Biologic

·Top trail camera brand: Wildgame Innovations

·Top hunting knife brand: Buck

·Top holster/ammo belt brand: Blackhawk

·Top choke tube brand: Carlson

·Top grip/buttstock brand: Magpul


If you're a hunter or target shooter, perhaps you see one (or more) of your favorite brands here?

Top Hunting and Shooting Brands in 2017 | Realtree B2B


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