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Marketing to Millennials a Key to Business Growth

In the outdoor industry, a successful selling strategy usually begins with marketing to the core audience of hunters and shooters – avid outdoor enthusiasts who are primed and ready to spend on products that will enhance their sport. From there you may try to identify additional potential buyers. First-time hunters might be a target group.

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Black Mountain All Terrain Introduces Realtree EDGE Camo Gator UTV Seat Covers

Black Mountain All Terrain is making it possible for outdoors enthusiast to customize their John Deere Gators in Realtree EDGE camo seat covers that not only protect the seats from dirt, grime, wear and tear but show off a love for the hunt as well.


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Price and Brand Important to Millennial Buying Decisions

Millennials are the largest generation in U.S. history. There are approximately 80 million Millennials in America, according to consulting firm Accenture. By 2030 they will outnumber other demographics by 22 million people. And their buying power is escalating. Accenture predicts Millennials will spend $1.4 trillion annually by 2020 and represent 30% of all U.S. retail sales.

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Wet Okole Introduces Realtree Timber Camo Seat Covers

The recent addition of Realtree Timber camo to Wet Okole Hawaii’s already impressive lineup of Realtree camo automotive seat covers has proven to be a wildly popular choice among outdoorsmen and women looking to enhance and protect their vehicles’ interior.

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Shooting Sports Participation Remains Steady

The term “shooting sports” covers a wide variety of activities, and because it is so tightly tied to outdoor sports and recreation, it’s good to keep up with trends that measure information about the millions of people who fling arrows, hunt with gun or bow, or send lead downrange with rifles, shotguns and handguns.

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2020 Realtree Sock Collections combine Great-looking style with Uncompromised Quality

Leg Apparel & Accessories is launching a new line of Realtree socks, hats and gloves that are not only durable, comfortable and functional, but boast the great-looking style the leading leg apparel company is known for. These new accessories are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality products but also value fashionable details. Leg Apparel & Accessories and Realtree’s strong partnership and commitment to quality are both reflected in this latest lineup.

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