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Realtree MAX-7 Camo Cupped Waterfowl Bags and Gear Built to Take On the Elements


Cupped Waterfowl Realtree MAX-7 camo blind bags and gear are designed with the goal to eliminate inconveniences or modern problems the waterfowl hunter may encounter during his or her time in the wetlands. The innovative designs and rugged materials stand up to the wear and tear of long days spent in wet and rough conditions.


Cupped Waterfowl, based in Linden, Louisiana, builds gear for modern-day guides and passionate hunters. The gear is designed by guides who understand the demands of the hunt and is built with the highest quality materials available by waterfowlers who know the difference between a flute and a short reed.


Floating Blind Bag – Perfect for any waterfowl hunting situation, the Floating Blind Bag boasts a water-resistant shell and is foam-lined for flotation. The heavy-duty shoulder strap and carry handle helps with easy toting.


Wader Bag – This wader bag is designed with all the features a modern waterfowl hunter wants in a bag. The waterproof front storage pocket keeps essential items dry and handy, while the Neoprene mat provides the perfect dry spot for changing footwear. The heavy-duty shoulder strap aids in easy toting and the rain flap keeps items dry when the weather acts up. This bag is airline approved.

Waterfowl Hunting Backpack – This large Waterfowl Hunting Backpack boasts an EVA waterproof bottom, six outside pockets and mole loops. This large-capacity pack is designed with a shooting glasses pocket, padded laptop pocket and duck tote strap with heavy-duty carabiner.

Hot/Cold Thermos -- Cupped Waterfowl’s Hot/Cold Camo Thermos stays concealed while providing a lasting cold or hot beverage during those long hunts. This 25 fluid-ounce thermos is made of aluminum/neoprene construction. The lid is also a drinking cup.


Marsh Seat - The Marsh Seat provides convenience and durability for long days in the marsh. The marsh seat folds flat for carrying and convenience, has a shoulder strap for easy toting, and an adjustable height up to 36 inches. The seat, which is designed with an aluminum frame, measures approximately 11.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches high.


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