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Titan Steel Offering Digitally Printed Realtree Camo Coil for a Variety of Indoor and Outdoor Applications


Titan Steel has partnered with Realtree to become its largest vendor of camouflage metal coils and sheets in North America. Titan Steel exclusively markets Realtree designs and was the first company to bring digitally printed Realtree camo designs to the flat rolled metal coil market.  


Digital printing allows for high-resolution images to be placed on flat rolled metal coils, which can be used for hunting blinds, roofing and siding, post buildings, animal feeders, log cabin wainscoting, water troughs and more.


Titan Steel's Realtree camouflage steel coils and sheets offer customers innovative camouflage patterns on highly formable, long-lasting steel suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Partnering with Realtree has allowed Titan Steel to bring Realtree's cutting-edge patterns to new applications. Working together with Realtree, we are excited to find new uses for camouflage steel that take advantage of their fantastic patterns.

-- Max Levin, Titan Steel's CEO



Titan Steel Corporation is a USA-based metals service center that sources, processes and distributes specialty flat-rolled metal products. Titan Steel partners with leading suppliers to deliver solutions for a wide range of end markets, including packaging, automotive, construction, and consumer products. The product range includes tinplate steel, galvalume steel, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, brass-plated steel, painted steel, and high-definition digital printed wood, brick, stone, and many other designs.


In partnership with Realtree, Titan Steel offers galvalume steel coils and sheets digitally printed with Realtree camouflage patterns such as EDGE, MAX-5, EXCAPE, and Timber. The coils and sheets are printed in a range of specifications suitable for a multitude of metal-forming processes. The coils can be slit to width or cut into sheets as needed.


Seven Color Printing produces rich and precise images, with high quality, efficiency and consistency. Specialty polyester inks offer outstanding weatherability and UV protection for outdoor applications. Titan’s 20-year warranty is a testimony to the product’s long-lasting durability.




Customer Satisfaction


A representative of Graber Post Buildings (GPB) said, “GPB has found great success in being a stocking distributor of the Digital Printed Realtree EDGE steel. We offer metal roofing/siding panels, trim components, as well as coil sales. Our customers use this on a variety of projects including interior linings, hunting sheds, accent walls and other customized metal items. GPB feels this product line puts you on a whole new level of product offerings that most box stores don't offer. Some stores may have a camouflage product offering, but it is nowhere near the quality of this steel. Anytime you have a product with the Realtree EDGE pattern, I think it sells itself.”



Okie Hides based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, initially started out with custom, hand-painted blinds that worked well -- that is until they made the switch to the Realtree EXCAPE camo sheeting by Titan Steel. The outstanding reaction from hunting-blind consumers was shocking and immediately changed the game for these over-built hides.


An Okie Hides representative said, “Customers are amazed by the high clarity of this digitally printed pattern from Titan Steel. They have even said this pattern has made a significant impact on their hunting experience by providing high-quality durability, cover, and concealment. When using Realtree EXCAPE, this camouflage sheeting makes it extremely difficult for game animals to spot the blind, providing hunters with a distinct advantage in remaining undetected and significantly enhancing their hunting experience. This ultimately leads to more successful hunts with a fulfilling and rewarding hunting experience.”



Driftless Blinds’ Dolan Hosteter says the company uses Titan’s Realtree camo metal for its blinds for concealment, comfort, improved success and versatility.


“Driftless Hunting blinds provide shelter from the elements, including wind, rain, and sun, allowing hunters to stay comfortable during long hours of waiting. The Realtree pattern helps hunters blend into their surroundings, making it harder for game animals to spot them,” Hosteter said.


White Mound Metals (WMM), located in Hillpoint, Wisconsin, is a family owned post-building manufacturer.  Since 2018, the Gingerich family has been supplying quality building materials throughout the Midwest.   


“WMM began purchasing Realtree EDGE camo design four years ago from Titan Steel.  Each year, sales continued to grow significantly.  Our customers looking for camo design prefer Realtree. We are excited to announce the addition of the Realtree EXCAPE design based on popular demand,” White Mountain Metals Obed and David Gingerich said.


Titan Steel is actively searching for additional partners throughout the U.S. and can deliver as little as one coil nearly anywhere within the U.S. and Canada.


Keep a lookout for Titan Steel and Realtree at some of the top building and hunting trade shows across the country

Applications for Titan Steel Realtree Coil:


  • Post Buildings
  • Roofing and Siding
  • Hunting Blinds
  • Animal Feeders
  • Log Cabin Wainscoting
  • Water Trough
  • Steel Door Skins
  • Trophy Wall
  • Man Caves
  • Garage Doors
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Appliances
  • Amish Built Structures
  • Boxes
  • Dog Houses