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The Haven Tent With Realtree Timber Rainfly Ensures a Comfortable Rest Each Night of Your Adventure


The Haven Tent, featuring a Realtree Timber camo rainfly, brings the comfort of home to the outdoors. This patented camping hammock is designed to keep you comfortable throughout the night, whether you’re just enjoying a traditional campout or you’re on a multi-day quest for a back-country big-game animal.


Unlike traditional hammocks that strain your back, the patented design allows campers to lie completely flat. Whether you prefer sleeping on your back, side, or even your stomach, the Haven Tent welcomes all sleeping habits and positions. Not just limited to hanging, the Haven Tent doubles as a bivy tent, allowing you to pitch it on the ground for a versatile camping experience. The system relies on an air mattress for insulation and structure, with six spacious pockets for convenient storage. Internal spreader bars maintain an open space, while an integrated bug net and rainfly turn your camping spot into a true haven.


It's like you somehow carried your bed from home into the woods. We are focused on comfort, but other aspects of hammock performance are important too. Lately, we started looking for the absolute best camouflage pattern for shadowed spaces between trees. This is where you'll generally find our hammocks. We looked at all the most popular patterns and Realtree Timber looked like it had everything we wanted in a print. Before pulling the trigger, we put our top four camo patterns in a poll on social media, and Realtree Timber walked away with the vote. Not only was it our favorite, but our customers wanted it too.

-- Haven founder Derek Tillotson


The idea for Haven Tents came about when founder Derek Tillotson found himself struggling to get comfortable in a traditional camping hammock. The avid outdoorsman found it hard to reconcile the fact that every amazing day spent in the woods would be punctuated by a miserable night’s sleep. 

While fighting to get comfortable, he envisioned his head and feet lowering to a single plane. Just like his mattress at home. With this spark of an idea, the first Haven Tent was born. 


He launched his first Haven Tent design in 2019. Since then, the company has continued to post year over year growth based on the product delivering on the promise of being the best way to sleep outside.


Haven Tents is now operated by a small team from its headquarters at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Sandy, Utah. Haven Tents continues to innovate, designing each new product and accessory to stay true to its mission of making sleep the highlight of camping. 


Each Haven product goes through rigorous testing before its available for purchase.


The Haven Tent boasts a patented design which lays more like your bed at home than a traditional hammock and is one of the first hammocks designed specifically for use with an air mattress. Not only does the mattress provide insulation, but it also acts as a critical element of the tent’s design.

The horizontal baffles in the mattress help hold the sleeping space open, eliminating shoulder squeeze and more closely mirroring your at-home sleeping environment. Catenary support arcs provide strength with easy access in and out. On either end of the hammock body, you’ll find a collapsible pole that helps hold the internal space of the hammock open. It easily tucks into pockets that are secured to the support arcs on either side. A structural ridgeline ensures the hammock body and sleeping platform are held in place and will not change regardless of tree spacing. Without a structural ridgeline, a traditional hammock can sag too much or be pulled too tight if the trees are too close or too far apart.


The patented design relies on a unique combination of fabric cuts. With more material on the head and foot end of the hammock, you’ll notice that the air mattress actually curves upward when unweighted. The preemptive up curve counteracts the sag that occurs when you lie in a traditional hammock. This effect is even more pronounced with the XL and Safari tents, where the span is larger. 


No more rocks under your back, or being folded like a banana. Sleep on your back, side, or stomach, all while blending in under the new Realtree Timber camo rainfly. 


The hammock comes in two sizes. The standard Haven Tent is ideal for small- to medium-sized campers. While Haven XL is best for bigger frames. The full Haven Tent kit includes a hammock, bug net, insulated air mattress, tree straps, guylines, and stakes.


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