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The Most Important Reason for Hunting

New research indicates that American hunters are returning to their roots and going afield mostly as a means to acquire meat.


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Camping is More Popular than Ever

More than 45 million Americans went camping at least once in the 12 months before spring 2015, according to Statista. This is an increase of nearly 3 million participants as compared to 2008. The average camper went camping almost 15 days (14.9 days on average) in 2013, and most are active campers year after year. Check out infographic...

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Running Shoes Market Has Enjoyed Significant Increase in Sales

Americans love getting outdoors, and running is their top outdoor activity of all, according to the Outdoor Foundation's Outdoor Recreation Topline Report 2016.

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A Snapshot of Camping in America

Camping is the fourth most popular outdoor activity for Americans, based on participation rates of campers 6 years and older. Nearly 12% of all adult Americans – 25 million people – went camping in 2015, according to The Outdoor Foundation's Research Participation 2016 Topline report.

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A Snapshot of Fishing in America

Fishing is one of America's favorite outdoor pastimes, enjoyed by young and old alike. Fishing was the fourth most popular outdoor activity in 2015 by participation rate and by frequency of participation for youth and young adults, ages 6 to 24, according to the Outdoor Foundation's Research Participation Topline 2016 report. Eighteen percent of that demographic – 14.8 million people – participated in either freshwater, saltwater or fly fishing.

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Top Most Popular Outdoor Activities 2016

Nearly half of all Americans (48.4%) participated in at least one outdoor activity in 2015. That equates to 142.4 million participants, who went on a collective 11.7 billion outdoor outings. Check out the Infographic.

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