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Top Most Popular Outdoor Activities 2016


Nearly half of all Americans (48.4%) participated in at least one outdoor activity in 2015. That equates to 142.4 million participants, who went on a collective 11.7 billion outdoor outings.


Those remarkable stats come from the 2016 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report issued by The Outdoor Foundation, a national not-for-profit organization. The detailed survey that forms the basis of the report is produced by the Physical Activity Council, which is a partnership of numerous organization in the U.S. sports, fitness and leisure industries.


Survey results are weighted and balanced to reflect the total U.S. population ages 6 and above, which equates to 249,141,895 people.


Here are the Top 5 most popular outdoor activities by participation rate in two categories: Youth (ages 6-14) and Adult (ages 24+): 


Top outdoor Activities Chart 2016 | Realtree B2B


Top outdoor Activities Infographic 2016 | Realtree B2B


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