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ETTRONE Realtree EDGE E-Bike Takes You to Your Hunting Setup With Ease


ETTRONE, a manufacturer of quality e-bikes and e-scooters, presents a special-edition electric bike showcasing Realtree EDGE camo for the stealthy hunter. This semi-exclusive collaboration gives the hunting audience an experience and a ride like no other with a design that takes all the perks of a top e-bike and turns it into a smart hunting ally. 


The ETTRONE team combines more than half a century of experience in automotive design and manufacturing, transportation, wholesale, retail and e-commerce. Their curiosity and desire to innovate is guided by principles of sustainability and respect for the planet.


In our search for a partner to develop our camo e-bikes, we approached Realtree as one of the leaders in the market. From the start, they have been very straightforward and easy to work with. They supported us through choosing the best pattern and during the selection process of the best pattern application partner. Their technical support has been precise and we are very happy with the final product.


-- Jose Villegas, ETTRONE director 


ETTRONE is proud to develop clean, smart and versatile vehicles, like the new Tempesta 750 Camo Edition, which boasts a dynamic design and outstanding performance to improve the outdoor and micromobility experience. The new Tempesta 750 Camo Edition matches and blends into nature like no other electric hunting bike thanks to its Realtree EDGE camo coloration. Its powerful 750W motor will take you to any hunting scenario, silently and scent-free.


The Tempesta 750 Camo Edition is equipped with a 48V, 16 AH Panasonic Removable Lithium-Ion Battery for long rides and an integrated USB charging port for convenience.

Realtree Edge Camo E-Bike | New ProductsRealtree Edge Camo E-Bike Side | New Products

A large, practical, and full-color LCD screen shows real-time riding information. Speed, pedal-assist level, battery capacity, distance traveled, password protection, current load, and much more are accessed at an easy glance for a safe and total hunting ride.


Equipped with an integrated left-hand thumb-push-activated throttle in case you choose not to pedal, the Tempesta 750 Camo Edition will allow you to reach the control pad to start your e-bike, adjust pedal assist levels, and manage the full-color LCD with your left thumb in a simple step.


Strong front and rear TEKTRO Auriga 350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes, with ventilated 180 mm Rotors with power cut-off, give the ultimate protection with a quick and safe stop when required, even on the most challenging roads.


The long-profile matt black aluminum fenders and MOZO Fatman, 80-120 mm travel air springs shock with hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment front fork ensure there are no harsh terrains you can’t get to with this pair of solid fat tires.


The Tempesta 750 Camo Edition has wired LED lights running directly from the battery. Up front, a powerful Spanninga LED Headlight provides maximum visibility. The LED tail light and integrated brake lights can be seen from behind and the reflective sidewall aids in being visible. Built-in photo-sensing features turn on the lights automatically in dark environments to keep you focused on the road.


The Tempesta 750 Camo Edition e-bike is equipped with a whole Shimano ALTUS derailleur mounted on a 7-Speed cassette and controlled via the rapid shifter to enjoy a unique and reliable experience at the tip of your fingers.


The new Realtree camo e-bike is ideal for riding to your hunting setup, checking treestands, moving game cameras, hauling gear, scouting and a variety of other hunting activities.



If you’re ready to showcase REALTREE camo on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.