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Realtree EDGE Now Featured on Two Legend Series by Bear Bows



Two bows in Bear’s Legend Series™ are now clad in Realtree’s EDGE™ camouflage and available for purchase. The new Realtree EDGE Bear Kuma and Approach HC are part of an exclusive dealer-only line of four ultra-competitive compound bows.



Realtree has so many followers; we are excited to have their help getting our bows in the hands of like-minded outdoorsmen and women.


-- Jack Borcherding, Bear archery marketing director



For more than 80 years, Bear Archery has built utterly reliable and intensely lethal bows, capable of harvesting game quickly and ethically. The new Realtree EDGE Bear bows give hunters a remarkably effective and exciting option for their archery arsenal.


When we asked our dealers what they wanted to see added to the Legend series of bows, the response was Realtree Edge. The dealers spoke and we listened. Bear and Realtree have been partners for a long time and adding RT Edge to the Kuma and Approach HC in the Legend series of bows made perfect sense.


-- Dave Parker, Bear Archery general manager



Founded in 1933 by the iconic father of modern archery, Fred Bear, with the intention of bringing archery to the masses, Bear Archery®, a division of Escalade Sports, continues to produce legendary bows with the same focus on reliability and technology while maintaining its rich heritage of innovative leadership, quality products and family values – a heritage that Realtree shares as well.



The great detail in the Realtree EDGE pattern is a perfect fit for the detail in our Legend series Bear Kuma and Bear Approach HC.


-- Ryan Shutts, Bear Archery director of product development



Realtree EDGE camo | Realtree B2B



The highly-praised Kuma combines speed and shootability to offer the best of both worlds. This hybrid cam bow launches arrows at 345 feet per second and features a smooth draw and a high-level of forgiveness. Featuring the Bear Cage machining technique, the rigid 1-inch-thick forged riser has been strategically "hollowed out" to lighten the load – yet still prevents side to side flex increasing accuracy. The Kuma features sleeker, smaller and lighter SonicStops™ dual string suppressors that eliminate noise and vibration. The Kuma is offered at a retail price of $899.


Kuma Specs:

  • Weight: 4.3 LBS.
  • Brace Height: 6 inches
  • Axle-to-Axle: 33 inches
  • Let Off:75%
  • Peak Draw Weight: 55-70 LBS, 45-60 LBS
  • Draw Length Range: 25.5-30 inches

The Kuma Legend Series in Realtree EDGE | Realtree B2BThe Kuma Legend Series in Realtree EDGE 2018 | Realtree B2B


The Approach HC offers a high-performance hybrid cam (HC) system with speeds of 340 feet per second and features of a bow that should cost hundreds more. The high-performance hybrid cam system offers a super smooth draw cycle, speed and accuracy. The Approach HC is a premium bow with a retail price of $450.


Approach HC Specs:

  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Brace Height: 6 inches
  • Axle-to-Axle: 32 inches
  • Let Off: 75 percent 
  • Peak Draw Weight: 55-70 pounds, 45-60 pounds
  • Draw Length Range: 25.5 inches-30 inches

The Approach Legend Series in Realtree EDGE | Realtree B2B

The Approach Legend Series in Realtree EDGE 2018 | Realtree B2B

For more info, visit Beararchery.com



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