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Realtree Accessories Protect Extremities Against the Elements


Extreme weather conditions can do a number on the outdoor enthusiast’s head and feet. That’s why it’s so important to keep these extremities covered and protected during time spent outdoors. Leg Apparel will soon be offering Realtree fans hats, socks, slippers and other accessories designed to protect against the heat, cold, snow, wind, rain and sun — all while showing off that outdoorsy Realtree appeal.


Leg Apparel is a private label under Amiee Lynn, which was founded in 1993 by brothers Michael and Steven Spolansky.  Amiee Lynn, Inc. broke onto the scene as a belt supplier and has continued to grow through expansion into new divisions and product categories, such as active wear, scarves, costume jewelry, cold weather apparel, hair accessories, hats, hosiery and legwear and underwear. Leg Apparel produces hosiery under a group of well-known and highly regarded licensed brands, such as Realtree, that target diverse consumer segments. These well-known brands provide the company an attractive entrée into primarily off-price, warehouse club, shoe store and department store formats serving consumers across all ages, personalities and fashion preferences. In addition, Leg Apparel is adept at managing its license partner relationships to optimize strategic and financial benefits for all parties. This is apparent in Leg Apparel’s relationship with Realtree.


Leg Apparel tells the Realtree story claiming it’s not only the No. 1 source for camouflage, but it provides the latest hunting trends, tips and tactics.


From deer hunting to fishing articles, Realtree has something for every outdoor enthusiast.  Created as a functional fashion brand, the Leg Apparel Realtree line provides a wide selection of accessories that embody the love for the outdoors and casual lifestyle revolution while embracing everyday comfort.

-- Sevi Gassanova, Leg Apparel design director


All of Leg Apparel’s newest items are outfitted in a variety of Realtree camo patterns and color combinations, including Realtree’s new EDGE camo pattern.


Realtree Sun Hat – The quick-drying Realtree Sun Hat, featuring UVA protection, shields the outdoor lover’s head from the heat and sun. Lightweight and fast-drying fabric keeps the head dry and comfortable, while the adjustable design ensures it fits just right. The breathable strategic mesh channels enhance ventilation and cooling. The packable hat retains its shape and packs flat for easy transport.

Realtree sun hats 2018 | Reatltree B2B

Realtree Knit Hat – The Realtree Knit Hat is designed for warmth and comfort afield. The hat can be easily adjusted for size and coverage. The itch-free yarn is super soft for added comfortability and warmth.

Realtree knit hats 2018 | RealtreeRealtree knit hats 2018 | Realtree B2BRealtree knit hats 2018 | Realtree B2BRealtree knit hats 2018 | Realtree B2B

Realtree Gaiter – The Realtree Gaiter protects the neck from the weather, sun and insects.

Realtree gaiter | Realtree


Realtree Men’s Waterproof Crew Socks – The Men’s Waterproof Crew Socks are cushioned for shock absorption, making them ideal for long treks. The 360 degrees built-in elasticized support offers full arch support. The socks are waterproof and are designed with a comfort toe to help prevent blisters. Ankle support helps to stabilize movement and the material provides extra warmth. 

Realtree men's waterproof socks | Realtree B2B

Women’s Crew Socks – The Women’s Crew Socks are perfect for the outdoors woman on the go. Full arch support ensures a comfortable hike, while the comfort toe helps prevent blisters. The socks are cushioned for shock absorption and mesh ventilation provide enhanced breathability. The fitted heel offers the perfect fit and the wool blend material adds warmth.

Realtree women's hunting socks | Realtree B2B

Realtree Women’s Ultimate Outdoor Kneehigh Socks – The Women’s Ultimate Outdoor Kneehigh Socks ensure all-day comfortable wear during your time outdoors. The comfort toe helps prevent blisters and the fitted heel ensures the perfect fit. The zone cushion offers strategic protection for high-impact areas and a stay-up cuff keeps socks in place. The wool blend ensures superior warmth during cold conditions.

Realtree women's  socks | Realtree B2B


Realtree Women’s Heavyweight Crew Socks – The Women’s Heavyweight Crew Socks keep your feet warm when temperatures drop. The comfort toe prevents blisters while the fitted heel ensures the perfect fit. The full-cushion design offers 360 degree superior impact protection and the arch support stabilizes and reduces friction.

Realtree Low Cut Cabin Socks – The Low Cut Cabin Socks are your go-to for lounging around home or hunt camp. The fitted heel provides the perfect fit, while the comfort toe prevents blisters. The gripper bottom makes sure you don’t slide on slick floors.

Realtree women's low crew socks | Realtree B2B

Realtree Women’s Slippers – Relax in comfort wearing the Women’s Slippers. The Sherpa lining provides superior warmth and comfort, while the gripper bottom prevents slipping.

Realtree women's camo slippers

Women’s No Show Socks – Women’s No Show Socks provide cushioned support for shock absorption. The full arch support offers 360 degree built-in elasticized support. The fitted heel provides the perfect fit and the comfort toe helps prevent blisters.


For more info, visit www.amieelynn.com


Editor’s Note: Realtree licenses 27,000 products that can be found in more than 38,000 retail locations worldwide. Whether customers are looking for rugged outdoor equipment or everyday gear that enhances their active lifestyle, it can be found in a Realtree pattern. If you’re interested in growing your business with a Realtree licensing program, let’s talk! Find out more and contact us here.


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