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Hunters need all the help they can get to outwit the wily tom. Great camo, of course, is essential and so is gear that enhances stealth, comfort and performance. Hunters Specialties provides turkey hunters with feature-packed gear decked out in Realtree camo and designed specifically with their needs in mind.


Hunters Specialties is a deep-rooted company in the hunting industry that started in the Midwest back in 1977. The Cedar Rapids, Iowa, based company’s first couple products were the Camo-Compac Makeup Kit and No-Mar® Gun & Bow Tape, which are still offered today. Now, over 400 products can be found in the HS catalog which include game calls, scent elimination, attractants and a variety of accessories (many which feature Realtree camo).  Deer, turkey, predator and elk hunters rely on HS products year in and year out for a successful hunting season.


The newest Hunters Specialties offerings in Realtree camo are designed for hunters on the move.


HS Strut® Realtree® Xtra Green™ UnderTaker Chest Pack is perfect for when you find yourself in a run and gun situation and you want to be as light and mobile as possible. The H.S. Strut UnderTaker Chest Pack provides a simple and quiet solution to keeping those absolute necessities close at hand while turkey hunting. Plenty of room for turkey calls, ammo and accessories in a tight, compact pack that is firmly fastened to your core means less to weigh you down and more mobility when it counts. The fully adjustable four-point harness system features quick-detach connections so you're ready for any turkey hunting situation. The molded dropdown chest case provides quiet and durable rapid-access to accessories and gear. The quiet magnetic closures offer fast and stealthy access to internal and external pockets. The integrated shell belt in rear storage holds up to seven shot shells.

HS Strut® Realtree® Xtra Green™ UnderTaker Chest Pack | Realtree B2B


The HS Strut Realtree Xtra Green UnderTaker Turkey Vest is set apart from others thanks to its quality and the ability to customize with a ton of storage space for a variety of calls and accessories. The vest's modular style allows the hunter to customize the vest with its interchangeable Box & Pan Call storage pockets. Two Power Mesh pockets hold rolled-up blinds or water bottles, and silent magnetic pocket closures provide quick and stealthy access to internal gear. External striker holsters provide fast and easy striker access to change up pan call sounds at a moment's notice. The Power Mesh locator call pocket with lanyard D-ring keeps locator calls within reach.

The HS Strut Realtree Xtra Green UnderTaker Turkey Vest | Realtree B2B


Stay comfortable on the hunt with the padded shoulder straps and soft collar, in addition to raised-back cushions and a cooling air ventilation system which allow for a cool and comfortable back while sitting against a tree. Your bottom is also taken care of with the attached Big Cheeks Foam Seat that will flip down easily for fast and comfortable setup. Multiple adjustable sizing points throughout the vest keep things fitted properly to yet again keep you comfortable, stealthy and at the ready.


The Hunter's Specialties Flat Back Foam Seat, available in Realtree Xtra, provides plenty of padding to help you sit comfortably without moving in your treestand or at the base of a tree for extended periods of time. This seat is constructed using 600D water-resistant material. The 2-inch thick seat is lightweight and flexible, with three layers of open and closed-cell foam for comfort and durability. The Flat Back Seat includes an attached back with 1-inch-thick foam for extra support. It has a carrying strap and adjustable side straps that can also double as a tree strap in deer stands to hold the seat in place. The Flat Back is not only great for deer and turkey hunting, but for waterfowl hunting, fishing, ice fishing and any other sports activity where durable, comfortable seating is needed. 

The Hunter's Specialties Flat Back Foam Seat | Realtree B2B


For more info, visit http://www.hunterspec.com/.


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