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New Realtree Ground Coffee by Deer Camp Coffee


Hunt camp just isn’t hunt camp without a delicious cup of coffee to get your day started. Deer Camp® Coffee is made with the hunter in mind. A variety of wonderful flavors in Realtree camo packages embody the true essence of the outdoor lifestyle. The official coffee of deer camps and hunters, Deer Camp Coffee uses the best Arabica blends for delicious flavors that can be savored around the campfire.


One of Buck Baits’ most recognized brands, Deer Camp Coffee is a licensed Realtree product line featuring a variety of Realtree camo patterns, such as Xtra, Xtra Colors, EDGE and EDGE colors on each package.


Buck Baits, LLC was founded in November 2015 and is a women-owned, Michigan-based company that specializes in manufacturing and selling best-in-class hunting attractants, archery and hunting-themed products and accessories. Buck Baits’ Deer Camp® line targets consumers who are archery and hunting enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, and camping/RV enthusiasts.  Over the course of five years, Buck Baits has grown to be recognized as a national brand and leader in outdoor sporting goods industry. The offerings are not limited to but also include food and beverage products. 


Licensing with Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Inc. was an excellent business decision. The licensing team encouragement and support showed their true commitment to helping women within the hunting industry. I always felt part of a family and humbled to be supported even today.

-- Julie Majewski, director of Buck Baits, LLC


Just like Buck Baits, the Deer Camp® line is promoted to outdoor enthusiasts that include but not limited to campers, hikers, cyclists, ATVers, boaters, RVers, anglers, hunters and the archery industry. The Deer Camp® line of coffees include a variety of branded hunting and outdoor themes such as The CabinTM, The RutTM, Opening DayTM, Dominate BuckTM, HuntressTM Chocolate, Deer TracksTM Hazelnut, Blaze OrangeTM Pumpkin Spice, Holiday HuntTM Chocolate Hazelnut and more. 


Look for Deer Camp® coffee on national television shows such as Mass Pursuit TV and Just KILLN TIME on Pursuit Channel and Hunting Channel reaching over millions of viewers. 


Deer Camp Coffee is preferred black, but is outstanding when you add ice for an ice coffee. It also is great as a cold brew, NIITRO coffee, and used as flavorings too. It is offered as ground coffee and also available in whole bean, decaffeinated, organic, as well an assortment of flavors. Enjoy Deer Camp glassware, tumblers, sticker decals and signs, perfect for your home, office, or camp.  Great gifts for him and her!


 The Deer Camp coffee products are currently available on Walmart.com, Amazon, eCommerce websites, as well independent retailers, grocery chains, and catalogs companies nationwide. 


We are proud to offer 105 years of roasting perfection in every cup.  We encourage you to taste the quality and difference.

-- Julie Majewski, director of Buck Baits, LLC


The Cabin™ Featuring Realtree EDGE™ Colors Light Roasted Ground Coffee is a bright but balanced, clean and refreshing blend with that home-away-from home taste and feel. Made with 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans, this light roast is a delightful morning blend reminiscent of times spent at the family cabin.

Realtree ground coffe by deer camp coffee - the cabin


Opening Day™ Featuring Realtree EDGE™ Colors Medium Roast Ground Coffee reflects time spent together with family and friends. The coffee beans are roasted for consistent tastes and flavors.  Opening day is all about those time-honored rituals like packing, cooking over the campfire and taking that first sip of coffee before dawn.

Realtree ground coffe by deer camp coffee - opening day


The Rut™ Featuring Realtree EDGE™ Colors Dark Roasted Ground Coffee is one of the strongest, most sought-after, and greatest-tasting coffees you’ll ever drink. It has a bold and dominate flavor with a smooth finish. This blend is inspired from the crisp days of early autumn where white-tailed deer begin preparing for the upcoming breeding season. Made with 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans, this dark roast will awaken those mature buck senses.

Realtree ground coffe by deer camp coffee - the rut


Dominate Buck™ Featuring Realtree EDGE™ Colors Dark Roasted Ground Coffee honors the that dominant buck that establishes and defends his territory and the right to breed does. This blend is made from 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans and dark roasted for a rich flavor.

Realtree ground coffee by deer camp coffee - Dominate Buck

Deer Tracks™ Hazelnut Featuring Realtree EDGE™ Colors Medium Roasted Ground Coffee arouses your senses with a premium taste and aroma. Made from 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans, this medium-roasted flavored coffee presents a rich, nutty flavor of fresh Hazelnut.

Realtree ground coffee by deer camp coffee - Deer Tracks


Huntress™ Chocolate Featuring Realtree EDGE™ Colors 12 oz Medium Roasted Ground Coffee celebrates female archery and rifle hunters with a delicious chocolate flavor. Made with 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans, this medium roast will be enjoyed throughout the year.

Realtree ground coffee by deer camp coffee - Deer Huntress


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