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Team Sports Get the Realtree Treatment With New Sniper Skin Realtree Grips


As a hockey player, coach and parent, Lee Wright, founding engineer of Sniper Skin, understands the need for continuous improvement in sporting equipment, and he knows that Realtree only makes things better. That’s why Sniper Skin custom-fit sports equipment grips can now be found in two Realtree offerings --  WAV3 and Realtree EDGE camo.


Every Sniper Skin Premium Sports Grip has been created and crafted by Wright, who is determined to deliver innovative technology to the market resulting in improved equipment performance and increased player confidence, every shift, every game and every season.


Since 2015, Sniper Skin has delivered the best custom-fit hockey grips on the market. Over the past five years, the custom-fit grips offering has been expanded to also include lacrosse, baseball, golf, fishing and more. Sniper Skin has grown into the largest manufacturer and distributor of custom-fit sports grips and now retails in more than 150 stores across Canada. The grips are also available on Amazon. Distribution for the Sniper Skin Realtree Edition grips will come from Fox 40 Inc.


Camo grips are really popular for Sniper Skin, especially in fishing. Realtree is the No. 1 camo pattern out there. Even our retail distributor, Fox 40, suggested that we partner with Realtree to make a statement in the camo world.  We are so excited to join the roster of over 30,000 Realtree products.

-- April Wright, vice president of Sniper Skin


Like all Sniper Skin grips, the Realtree Edition will provide a quick and easy installation that delivers a tacky, durable, slip-resistant grip to improve every customer’s use and comfort. Sniper Skin grips can be installed over an existing grip to protect or extend the life of a product.


Sniper Skin Wraps with Realtree WAVE

Sniper Skin Wraps with Realtree EDGE

“Hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes are serious about their gear and expect durability, reliability and a personalized fit,” Wright said. “Sniper Skin continues to offer customers more choice and customization where it counts. Building on the popular Sniper Skin Grip models, the new Realtree Edition offers outdoor enthusiasts a grip perfectly matched to their passions.


“We expect Realtree to be our most popular collection,” Wright said. “There are devoted Realtree fans looking to expand their favorite camo into every aspect of their world, and their go-to sport is no exception.”


In addition to enhancing performance, Sniper Grips can serve a variety of purposes. They’re great for tournament swag bags, awards or prizes and can be customized with “MVP” or “2020 Champs.” They create a uniform look, can feature the full-color team logo and are an easy end-of-the-year team gift idea.  


Sniper Skin Wraps with Realtree camo pattern

Sniper Skin's Realtree grips are lightweight, weatherproof, easy to install and are much better than tape or wraps. The fit, as well as the look, can be customized in a few simple steps.


Realtree Lacrosse Grips  - The Realtree Lacrosse Grips measure 11 inches in length and come with one top ring and foam tape to customize the grip profile.


Realtree Hockey Grips- The Realtree Hockey Grips measure 7.5 inches in length and come with one top ring and foam tape to customize grip profile.


Realtree Bat Grips – The Realtree Bat Grips measure 11 inches in length and include vibration-dampening foam to customize your grip profile (fits most baseball and softball bats). They can be installed over existing grip


Realtree Golf Grips – The Realtree Golf Grips measure 11 inches long and include a top ring and vibration-dampening strips. Can be installed over existing grip


Realtree Fishing Rod Grips – The 11-inch Realtree Fishing Rod Grip fits up to 1.25 inches diameter and can be trimmed to size for split grips. The Trolling/Musky/Salt Water Grips include a 15-inch grip that fits up to 1.5 inches in diameter and can be trimmed to size for split grips.


The installation process for all Realtree grips requires a 1.5 L kettle to ensure a great fit.

For more info, visit www.sniperskinsports.com.


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