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New Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Flyway Camo Gear for 2020


When they’re not hunting themselves, many public-land waterfowlers follow the adventures of the Dr. Duck duo, Dennis Loosier, aka. Dr. Duck, and Billy Campbell, aka. The Fowl Hunter. These guys eat, sleep and breathe duck hunting and have built quite the following through sharing their public-land adventures on social media, through the Dr. Duck podcast and on the new Realtree 365 show, “Black Cloud with DR. DUCK”. Campbell and Hunter know what skills are required to make a public-land waterfowl hunt successful, and they know what makes duck hunting gear and apparel great. They’re putting this knowledge to use by offering Realtree camo Dr. Duck-branded bags, packs, apparel and gear engineered to enhance the hunt and reflect that same waterfowling passion the two have become known for.


The partnership with our Realtree family and the digital 365 platform has provided a great resource for us to share these experiences, new products and, more importantly, our public-land journey that we hope accurately represents the hard work that so many of our fellow public-land duck hunters exhibit during any given season.

-- Billy Campbell



Dr. Duck Co. is powered by and based out of Rusa Outdoors, which creates the product line, manages the Dr. Duck websites, and manages the social account for Dr. Duck Co..


“When we first partnered with Dennis, everything seemed to line up perfectly,” Dr. Duck Co. Team said.  “Our chemistry and ability to work as a team came naturally. When we went through the process of designing the product line, re-designing the website and creating the company social page, everything developed very naturally. These guys make it easy for us, especially when it comes to the message of the brand.”


When it comes to branding and creative directing, the goal at Dr. Duck Co. isn’t to re-create or come up with a new message. The message is already there. “The message is who these guys are and who they have been in the waterfowl industry for years,” Dr. Duck Co. Team said. “The goal is to capture the message that these guys represent and project what the Dr. Duck brand is through social platforms, media, products, and website.”


So, who are Dennis and Billy? They are hard-working, public-land duck hunters who spent their early hunting years learning all about Texas’ great public-hunting opportunities and how to experience success through scouting and studying migratory birds. These days the two travel throughout the country in search of success, while their fans watch and follow along.


“We didn’t have anyone to show us the ropes, so we learned by making many mistakes and found the best opportunities, while not breaking the bank, to be through our incredible public-land resources,” Campbell said. “Today, we continue to chase mallards together on public land in a multi-state area throughout the season and share our experiences with fellow public-land hunters through not only friendships cultivated outdoors, but through social media, the Dr Duck Podcast and now the 365 platform with our Realtree family.”


Dr. Duck Co. products reflect this passion and knowledge and are designed to enhance the waterfowler’s time afield. The gear is built to withstand the elements and endure through the toughest conditions. The team works together to produce the highest-quality products that will meet the needs of the dedicated, hardworking waterfowl hunter and that means decorating them in Realtree camo patterns for superior concealment.


Dr. Duck Realtree Offerings:


Bottle Koozie – This cool-looking koozie keeps your favorite beverage cold, all while showing off the stylish Realtree Timber camo. The Dr. Duck® bottle koozie is made of rugged 3mm neoprene and features a zip closure.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Coozie

Can Koozie – Keep your favorite canned drink cold while displaying your love for the hunt. The Dr. Duck can koozie is made of rugged 5mm neoprene with the Realtree Timber pattern and features a zip closure.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Can Coozie

Dr. Duck Chest Pack - Made of waterproof neoprene, this Realtree Timber camo pack features a full-zip top pocket to stow your keys, wallet, cell phone etc. The oversized zipper pull makes it easily accessible in cold conditions or when wearing thick gloves. It can hold 18 shot shells in the sleeves on the front and back. D-ring hangs on the bottom provide a place to hang calls, cases, gloves, etc. A large, magnetic front pocket provides additional storage.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Chest Bag

Dr. Duck Handwarmer - Neoprene and polyester microfleece keep hands warm and comfortable.  This clip-on accessory features six shot shell sleeves and a large front pocket with magnetic closure. The rear zipper pocket gives you additional room to store your keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Hand warmer

Dr. Duck Wader Bag – Designed with durable 1200 Denier polyester, this Realtree Timber camo wader bag is designed for maximum durability and provides a substantial amount of storage for both wet and dry gear. A top compartment opening is built with a wire frame, allowing it to remain in place as you access your equipment. The main compartment base creates separation between your wet and dry gear. Interior pockets are perfect for storing smaller items such as a cell phone, chargers, keys, wallet, etc. Designed with a rubber-coated mesh, the lower compartment permits ventilation and quick drying of wet waders. 

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Wader Bag

FlyWay Blinder Bag – This Realtree Timber camo blind bag features hideaway tree straps to suspend it above the water. A molded base keeps gear dry and protected from moisture. Magnetic side pockets keep equipment tucked away and secure. Front metal gear hangs allow for clipping equipment right on the pack. The bag also features adjustable/removable interior dividers to organize hunting accessories and keep them within reach.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Flyway Blind Bag

FlyZone Backpack – This ultimate waterfowl hunting backpack is made with a spacious interior and multiple magnetic pockets for maximum storage. Tree straps can suspend it above the water and a rubber molded bottom keeps gear dry and protected from moisture. Metal gear hangs on the front allow you to clip your equipment right on the pack.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Flyzone Backpack

Hunt Locker Weather-proof Backpack -  This Realtree Timber camo backpack is designed to keep gear dry and organized. An integrated shelving system allows you to arrange equipment in a systematic way so it won’t get lost in the bottom of the bag. A drop-down front pocket provides a place to store shells and access them easily during the hunt. The front pocket also creates a shelf for gloves, calls, etc.. The rugged molded rubber bottom keeps gear protected and provides a non-slip grip to the base. 

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Hunt Locker Weather Proof Backpack

Landing Zone Weather-proof Gear Duffels – This Realtree Timber camo duffle bag is designed for maximum storage and is built to keep gear dry in even the wettest of conditions. The bag features a full-zip, lid-style opening for full access to the gear inside. Hideaway backpack straps easily transform this versatile gear bag from a duffle bag to a backpack. Heavy-duty tube handles on either end give you a secure place to pull the duffle bag around or toss it in the truck. 

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Landing Zone Weather Proof Duffel Bag

Realtree Camo Beanie Hats – This camo beanie is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex for maximum warmth and comfort. Quick-drying material is ideal for wet- or high-activity hunting conditions. Form fits to your head for maximum comfort and warmth. Available in Realtree® Timber and Max 5 patterns.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Beanie

Realtree Camo Solid Body Hats - The Realtree camo hat provides comfort and full camo concealment. Made from 100% cotton for breathability.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Solid Body Hat

Realtree Camo Trucker Hats – This trucker-style hat provides a cool, comfortable nylon mesh back panel and features the Dr. Duck logo decorated with a raised patch. Available in Realtree Timber and Max 5 patterns.

Dr. Duck Realtree Timber Tucker Hat


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