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Wet Okole Introduces Realtree Timber Camo Seat Covers


The recent addition of Realtree Timber camo to Wet Okole Hawaii’s already impressive lineup of Realtree camo automotive seat covers has proven to be a wildly popular choice among outdoorsmen and women looking to enhance and protect their vehicles’ interior.


“In 2019, I was contacted by one of our representatives at Realtree to introduce the new Timber pattern,” Steven Grew, Wet Okole Hawaii corporate officer, said.  “I immediately became interested because of the colors that were present in the Timber design (tans, browns and blacks). These colors closely resemble the factory colors found in most vehicle interiors.

By manufacturing a seat cover out of a pattern that matches the colors of the vehicle’s interior, our seat covers looked like they were designed to be in that car from the start. Since taking on the Timber pattern in early 2019, we have noticed exponential growth in this design’s popularity compared to any other pattern we’ve offered.”


Wet Okole Hawaii, a manufacturer of neoprene waterproof automobile seat covers, has been designing and producing automobile seat covers in Southern California since 1995.


In a state-of-the-art facility in Costa Mesa, California, Wet Okole has positioned itself strategically close to most all automobile manufacturers’ West Coast headquarters. In doing so, this allows Wet Okole exclusive access to prerelease vehicles for seat cover design purposes. Wet Okole was also intentional with its partnership with Realtree, doing much research and evaluation before deciding to work with the camo giant.


“Wet Okole started carrying Realtree camouflage patterns for neoprene seat cover manufacturing in 2003,” Grew said. “At that time, Wet Okole evaluated all the companies that offered high-definition camouflage patterns available for licensing. Realtree was the easy decision. They offered an excellent administrative staff and support team that consistently produced current and relevant patterns, while always striving for more. This philosophy was very similar to how we operate at Wet Okole, so we naturally found Realtree to be the perfect fit. I believe that both companies have greatly benefited by the relationship that was started in 2003!”


Designed for those with an active lifestyle, Wet Okole’s new Realtree Timber auto seat covers protect, enhance or stylize factory seats. They shield the vehicle’s interior against dirt, grime, pets, blood and anything else the sportsman or woman might drag in from the great outdoors.

realtree timber custom seat covers Wet Okole 01realtree timber custom seat covers Wet Okole

The 100% waterproof seat covers are hand-tailored to fit seats on each make and model with no wrinkling, looseness or bunching. They also accommodate specific seat features, including head rests, arm rests, switches for power adjustment and lumbar support, and seat-mounted air bags.


All Realtree camo Wet Okole auto seat covers feature neoprene backing that's designed to fit every popular model of car, van or truck. They come in a variety of styles that can be customized to your specifications. They do not get hot in the summer or cold in the winter and are strong, waterproof and look like custom upholstery.

realtree camo pattern

The bottom and back of the seat covers are bonded to 1/2-inch-thick foam for added comfort and protection. The boxing neoprene is laminated with nylon on both sides, making it twice as strong. No rubber touches the seat material, which is especially important with leather or vinyl seats. These seat covers are easy to install and use high-quality, quick-connect fasteners and Velcro.


realtree max-5 custom seat coversrealtree xtra custom seat covers

The new Realtree camo Timber seat covers are manufactured in the USA using the finest materials.


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