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Black Mountain All Terrain Introduces Realtree EDGE Camo Gator UTV Seat Covers


Black Mountain All Terrain is making it possible for outdoors enthusiast to customize their John Deere Gators in Realtree EDGE camo seat covers that not only protect the seats from dirt, grime, wear and tear but show off a love for the hunt as well.


Black Mountain All Terrain is a family owned company established to build CLD (Critical Lifesaving Device) safety equipment for U.S. Military men and women. In 2004, the company expanded to begin offering John Deere products as well. Realtree camo was a natural fit for theses UTV products.


“As a defense manufacturer, we have worked with camouflage patterns and heavy textiles for over 15 years,” Beverly Greenwood with Black Mountain Group, said.  “Military camos are very appealing to many people, so as we moved into the commercial market, we always leaned towards military colors and camos. However, we have found that when we offer our products in Realtree patterns, we consistently have more sales.  Their patterns appeal to a wider range of people from hunting enthusiasts to people who just enjoy nature. Using Realtree patterns has been a game changer for us as we look to appeal to a bigger marketplace.”


Made in the USA with 100% USA components, the seat covers come with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. They are form-fitted and meet MILSPEC (Military Performance Specifications).


The same quality-control systems used to ensure the safety of the military customers are applied to the new Gator™ Realtree EDGE camo products. Black Mountain’s military manufacturing history can be found on each seat cover through the use of MOLLE webbing, a customizable storage system frequently seen in military backpacks. The webbing allows the Gator owner to add a selection of Realtree EDGE pouches for storing water bottles, hand tools and cell phones.


The Realtree EDGE camo Gator seat covers have grown in popularity since their release in May 2016, not only because they boast the same quality standards used for military products, but because of the close fit. Using made-in-USA zippers and Velcro™, the seat covers fit so well that they look like they came that way from the John Deere dealer.


The complete buying guide for Black Mountain Realtree EDGE Seat Covers for John Deere Gator models can be found on the website.


Check out this video for seat cover installation and care.


John Deere XUV835 / XUV865 Gator™ Seat Cover – This Realtree camo seat cover fits all E/M/R models and includes driver and passenger seat covers in each kit. The cover is made of 500 Denier Nylon Cordura®, DWR fabric for rugged durability.

John Deere XUV835 / XUV865 Gator™ Realtree edge camo Seat Cover

XUV625/825/855 Gator™ Front Bench Seat Cover – This stylish seat cover fits all 625, 825, 825 S4, 855, 855 S4, HPX 4x4, and A2 models.  This Realtree EDGE camo bench seat cover is built with 500 Denier Nylon Cordura®, DWR to stand up to the wear and tear of the outdoors.


John Deere XUV855 Gator™ Realtree edge camo Seat Cover

XUV825/855 Gator™ Rear Bench Seat Cover – The Realtree EDGE camo rear bench seat cover fits all 825 S4 and 855 S4 models. The hardy 500 Denier Nylon Cordura®, DWR fabric keeps the seats looking great while showing off your love for the hunt.

John Deere XUV825 Gator™ Realtree edge camo Seat Cover


John Deere Gator™ High Performance Sport Seat Cover – The Realtree EDGE camo Sport Seat cover fits all 825, 855, 835, 865 models with the High-Performance Seats. The 500 Denier Nylon Cordura®, DWR material looks great and performs even better.

John Deere high Performance Realtree edge camo Seat Cover

John Deere High Back 21" Bucket Seat Cover – The Realtree EDGE camo bucket seat cover fits the John Deere Lawn & Garden Mower, UTV, Tractor, Skid Steer Loader and Backhoe Excavator.  The durable 500 Denier Nylon Cordura®, DWR Urethane cover enhances the look of your John Deere while protecting the seats.

John Deere high back 21 Realtree edge camo Seat Cover

Sportsman Case – The Realtree EDGE camo Sportsman Case transports your rifles, shotguns or bowhunting equipment as well as tools, personal items and first aid conveniently and securely in the bed of a John Deere Gator™ XUV or Work Series Gator™ Utility Vehicle. 

Realtree edge case


For more info, visit https://www.blackmountainat.com/realtree-gator-seat-cover-guncase


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