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Browning and Elite Archery Showcase New Realtree EXCAPE Products


Realtree’s newest pattern, EXCAPE, is designed to match, disrupt and conceal and it’s doing its job well on the newest Realtree licensed products decked out in the pattern. Browning and Elite Archery were some of the first up to bat to showcase EXCAPE and are excited to offer some of their newest products in this impressive pattern.


Utilizing contrast, shapes and color schemes, EXCAPE’s neutral color pallet of warm grays and tans found throughout the outdoors allows for reflected light to be absorbed by the pattern, transforming the pattern’s color shade to match its surrounding color environment. Deer, elk and other animals have a different color spectrum than the human eye, allowing them to detect oddities in the natural world. The EXCAPE chameleon effect transforms the pattern into a neutral object in the environment, so the hunter blends into the surroundings.

Realtree Excape western new camo hunting pattern 2020

EXCAPE blends in and breaks up the human form at a variety of distances. At longer distances, the pattern’s shadows and shapes mimic natural elements like rocks and bushes. At closer distances these same contrasts and elements mimic the sun’s casting shadows that break up the natural world like pockets of light and dark between the ground, trees, brush and rocks.



The new EXCAPE pattern from Realtree is absolutely stunning on the Elite Kure. EXCAPE allows your Elite bow to blend in with whatever terrain you might be hunting. EXCAPE is a natural choice for anyone that wants a camouflage pattern that looks as great at 20 yards as it does at 400.

- Christian Costa, vice president of marketing for The Outdoor Group



Costa, said Elite is excited to introduce its new bow decked out in Realtree EXCAPE and values the partnership with Realtree.


“We’ve been partners with Realtree for a number of years. I’m continually impressed with the way that Realtree does business and how our relationship has evolved over the years,” Costa said.


I’ve always found the team at Realtree to be open to new, creative ideas that expand the opportunities for all of their licensees. I look forward to a very bright future for both of us with Realtree and Elite working together.

- Christian Costa, vice president of marketing for The Outdoor Group


The 2020 Elite Kure, decorated in EXCAPE, boasts new technology that promises to change the archery game. Never-before-seen technologies make this bow versatile and adaptable to a wide segment of the bowhunting public. The ASYM TRI-TRACK CAM SYSTEM is a laterally balanced cam, which reduces lateral nock travel and unparalleled stability. The combination of the ASYM Tri-Track Cam with Elite's exclusive new VERSA MOD ROTATING MODULE allows for an industry-leading seven full inches of draw-length adjustment without the need for a bow press. Changing the draw length and let off is simple and easy and requires no bow press. New STABILOCK TWO-PIECE LIMB POCKETS are both bigger and wider than previous iterations of limb pockets, leading to more stability. S.E.T. Technology allows micro-adjustments at the pocket to overcome differences in torque, grip, arrows, rests, broadheads - all without ever leaving the line. MSRP: $1,099.99

Elite Kure Realtree Excape Camo Bow 2020

For more info, visit www.elitearchery.com


Browning is also excited to incorporate the new Realtree EXCAPE pattern into its products. It’s a different and unique look for Realtree, blending realism and abstract in an extremely effective way.

- Rafe Nielsen, Browning director of marketing and communications



The Browning EXCAPE Baselayer will keep hunters out there even in the most frigid conditions. The top features the performance and warmth of an itch-free Merino wool blend and stretchy polyester fleece so it can be comfortably worn next to the skin and layered over in cold temperatures. The Merino wool’s naturally antimicrobial qualities, in addition to its breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities, make this top ideal for both spot-and-stalk and treestand hunters. A useful thumbhole cuff design keeps the sleeves in places when putting on a jacket.

browning realtree excape camouflage base layers

The Browning Excape Vest should be in every hunter’s arsenal. Decorated in Realtree EXCAPE, this vest blends in to a variety of environments, while keeping the hunter warm and comfortable when temps drop. PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation keeps the chill at bay and easily fits into a pack when the day or action heats up. The vest is also perfect for layering and will fit comfortably under a raincoat or parka if the need arises. Silvadur® technology provides lasting odor control so the hunter can remain undetected and a Napoleon pocket provides easy access for small essential items.

browning realtree excape camouflage vest 2020browning realtree excape camouflage vest


For more info, visit www.browning.com


If you’re ready to showcase REALTREE camo on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.

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