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New Glacier Glove Realtree EDGE Line Focuses on Warmth, Concealment and Dexterity


Nothing can ruin a hunt like cold, wet hands. That’s why durable, high-quality gloves are so important. Glacier Glove has a new line of Realtree EDGE camo gloves designed to keep the hunter’s hands warm, nimble and dry so he can perform when the opportunity arises. In addition to warmth and comfort, the three new Realtree camo glove designs also provide ultimate concealment so movement isn’t detected when preparing for the shot.


We’ve partnered with Realtree for over 20 years. Their proven patterns combined with our top-quality construction give our customers an edge in the field.

-- Katie Sanders, Glacier Gloves sales & marketing


Using the most cutting-edge Realtree patterns available, Glacier is committed to maximizing effectiveness in the field. Whether hunkered down in a blind, waiting patiently in a treestand, or tracking a trophy buck, hunters wearing Glacier Glove products will benefit from their warmth and concealment. Understanding that warmth isn’t the only important feature of a glove when in pursuit of game, Glacier designed its hunting line to provide the ultimate dexterity when it matters most. Many of the glove models have slit-finger or fingerless options when total control is needed. The waterproof neoprene gloves are designed with pre-curved fingers and Touchrite technology to maximize dexterity and feel.


Glacier Glove got its start in the high desert of Northern Nevada where the weather can change in an instant. For more than 35 years, Glacier Glove has focused on combining top-quality fabrics and materials with innovative patterns to bring customers the best in hunting gloves.


Glacier Glove products have been trusted by top professionals in the field to deliver the performance they need in their sporting pursuits. The products can be found at premier sporting goods stores nationwide and at GlacierGlove.com


Hunters know when they see a Realtree/Glacier Glove product that they’re getting the best in high-performance handwear.

-- Katie Sanders, Glacier Gloves sales & marketing



The Alaska River Fingerless Glove, available in Realtree EDGE camo, combines the benefits of windproof fleece with the dexterity of a fingerless glove. It has a 2mm sharkskin neoprene palm to enhance grip and a windproof fleece back for warmth. This glove features an elastic cuff with Velcro closure for a secure fit. This Realtree camo glove provides superior concealment throughout the hunt.

Realtree EDGE camo Alaska River Fingerless gloves 2010


The Elite Shooting Glove is designed for active or moderate-weather hunts. It features a durable, vented synthetic leather palm with added texture for grip. The textured, oversized pull tab and wide elastic cuff provide a secure closure and snug fit. Realtree EDGE camo fabric with Blaze Orange highlights is layered on the back of the hand to provide concealment in wooded areas.

Realtree EDGE camo Glacier Elite Gloves


The midweight Pro Field Glove is designed with a focus on durability. The synthetic leather palm is double-layer reinforced in high-wear areas to ensure long-lasting performance. The palm material wraps the fingertips and first two knuckles to offer extra protection. Silicone on the thumb, index, and middle fingertips increase grip. An elastic cuff with an oversized, embossed pull tab gives the glove a great fit. Breathable Realtree EDGE fabric layers the back of the hand to keep you concealed in wooded terrain.

Realtree EDGE camo Pro Field Gloves




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