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C4 Belts and Dog Collars Now Available in Realtree Camo


New Realtree camo belts and dog collars by C4 provide outdoors enthusiasts and their canine companions the perfect way to show off their love for the outdoors in a unique and stylish way. C4 believes in individual empowerment and the freedom of choice, and its products reflect this mindset.


C4 Belts has been in business for 8 years, having started with interchangeable solid-color straps and buckles. C4 evolved into the print-on-demand business four years ago with the goal of bringing more complex and custom designs to its customers. The goal is to provide a unique shopping experience to individual thinkers who want to look cool on the outside, and feel good on the inside.


A shared desire to give back and a yearning to help people live a bold and meaningful life with authenticity at its core make Realtree and C4 ideal partners.


We are excited to embrace this new partnership with Realtree. Our collection delivers iconic Realtree patterns in belts and collars that are functional and durable. As the Realtree brand inspires outdoor adventure, C4 Belts inspires confidence with comfortable products for any member of the family, including the dog.

- Michelle Derr, C4 Belts CEO


The new C4 belts and dog collars are available in a variety of Realtree camo and Realtree Fishing patterns and colors.


Realtree camo C4 Belts are cut to fit. A waterproof build makes them ideal for active outdoorsmen and women. No metal means they’re airport friendly. These easy-to-clean belts are customizable and come with a lifetime warranty. Best of all, they’re designed and printed in the USA.

Realtree Fishing Purple Camo 4C Belt Realtree Edge Camo 4C Belt Realtree Edge Pink Color 4C Belt Realtree Wave camo 4c belt


C4 launched its dog collars right before Christmas 2018 in response to customer requests.  They carry the same features and benefits of the belts but it is important to call out the best features.


The Realtree camo C4 dog collars are waterproof for rugged outdoor wear and the antimicrobial material makes them stink-proof, which is a nice addition. They are personalizable, so there’s no need for the jingle of tags. The ergonomic and itch-proof design means comfortable wear for your pup. 

Realtree Edge Xtra Pink Camo Belts - C4 Belts

Realtree Wave Camo Belts - C4 BeltsRealtree Fishing Camo Belts - C4 BeltsRealtree Edge Camo Belts - C4 BeltsRealtree Timber Camo Belts - C4 Belts



If you’re ready to showcase REALTREE camo on your products and take advantage of the Realtree name and exposure opportunities, click here for more info on licensing opportunities.

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